Contemporary Wood Platform Beds


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  • Published August 15, 2009
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Let's start be describing what platform beds actually are and why they are such a good idea. Basically they are beds consisting of a mattress on a solid platform raised off the floor by legs or framing. This allows for the floor space beneath the platform to be used for either living or storage. If built correctly, they can really give a lot of extra living or storage space to any bedroom, although they are chiefly used in kid's rooms to accommodate all their clobber.

Platform beds are perfect for those who want a simple and minimalist look for their bedroom. Platform beds' appeal lies in their low-profile sleeping surface, simple lines and sleek design. These are beds whose base consists of a raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface meant to support a mattress. Platform beds provide firm cushioning and with the support of slats, they eliminate the need for a box spring or mattress foundation. Add to it the fact that the space beneath the platforms can be used as storage, and it's little wonder then that their popularity has been on the rise recently.

With the simplicity of the platform bed comes versatility and easy maintenance. Whether you are looking to replace your existing bed or looking for an entirely new bedroom set, this bed is perfect for the occasion. Being so transitional, the platform bed can blend into any set that you already have or that you are looking to purchase. It compliments all different styles and can be decorated to have a more modern, clean line look or even to have a warm, inviting look, depending on your taste.

There are many different platform beds out there, which can make it almost impossible to see each and every one while shopping for your new bed. But with all of those choices, you can be certain you will find the perfect one for your needs. You can choose from wood frames, metal, upholstered, leather, or canopy. Some have high headboards, low headboards, no headboards - all is true for the footboards as well. You can have one that sits on the floor or one that is lifted slightly. Not only can you choose the size of the bed, like you would with any other, from twin to king, but you can also choose to have a round bed. That should add a new spice to the bedroom

Platform beds are easily suited to almost any bedroom decor. They bring warmth and style to a bedroom, and are easily dressed to match the room around them. Additionally, platform beds are ideal for homes where storage is at a premium, as storage platform beds offer space beneath the bed's platform complete with organized storage space.

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