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  • Published August 26, 2009
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The eco friendly remodeling revolution has become more popular over the last few years. Not only does investing in an environmentally friendly home an excellent way to keep your home healthy, but there is a drastic increase of the value of your home. Should your upgrades include remodeling your kitchen, you should decide on what type of counter tops that will fit the theme of your kitchen. There are many choices available that are not only stylish, but they are eco friendly too. Here are some companies that make different forms of eco friendly counter top materials from reused porcelain to reused paper. These will really make your kitchen not only trendier, but a lot healthier too.

Enviroglass- They have two styles for counter tops Enviroslab which is made from 100% recycled glass shards set in a terrazzo style to a colorful effect, Enviromode is made with recycled porcelain gathered from toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. Both counter tops are durable and look great in any home.

Eleek- Their counter tops are made out of 100% pure recycled aluminum tiles that give you kitchen an industrialized look. You can use these on your entire countertop or take bits and pieces mixed in with another material to highlight your work areas.

Alkemi-These beautiful aluminum counter tops take on a different spin at metal. The scraps they use to give a look of curled chocolate shavings underneath a thick resin. This gives the counter tops a beautiful shimmer under light.

Icestone-The beautiful counter tops are made with recycled glass and concrete. You can dye the concrete to any color and coordinate it with the rest of your kitchen.

Vetrazzo-This Company also designs their counter tops using recycled glass, which looks like beautiful works of art. If you want that washed up glass look you see on the beach, then go for their green bottle countertop.

Richlite-This Company makes their counter tops out of recycled paper. A bit on the softer side than the recycled glass counter tops, so avoid dicing and cutting on it.

Paperstone-This Company also makes their counter tops out of 100% post consumer recycled paper. They give any kitchen a warm and neutral feel.

Teregren-This Company makes their counter tops out of end grain bamboo chopping blocks. They give your kitchen a more neutral feel, and it lasts even through the sharpest of knives.

Sherkastone- Sherkastone counter tops are made of recycled fibers, like waste papers. You can purchase them in a wide variety of colors in a mottled design to give your kitchen a traditional or modern feel.

These are some of the eco friendly companies that offer your kitchen a great look and still keep your environmentally friendly image. Each one will shrink your carbon footprint, while increasing the value of your home. The cost of these counter tops can vary between $23 and $95 per square foot, depending on the materials used to make the counter tops, and the company who makes it. It is possible to find an eco safe countertop to fit even the tightest of budgets. That really makes going green a lot easier than ever before.

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