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  • Published September 3, 2009
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We all know that any home can be transformed by the chosen décor. If you are searching for either a new home decor, or you would like to spruce up your current design, you may want to consider a regional theme. By following a country, Southwestern, or Western décor style, you will ensure the sense of connection between rooms and authentic feel. Your house will become a home with personality and warmth. Looking to integrate your décor with holiday decorations? This is a wonderful option! You can begin with a few pieces in one room and slowly add new decorations as time goes by, knowing your regional décor choice will be easily matched for years to come.

Western Home Décor

The Wild West is often depicted with cowboys, horses, and leather. Take a portion of the open-range and make your house a new place. The American West is a loved time period in our country’s history so decorations revolving around this exciting time are plentiful. You can add cowboy boots and hats, spurs, and horseshoes to any room and in almost any form. Warm tones tend to dominate the color scheme, often times with dusty browns, oranges, and rusty colors at the center of the color palate. Artwork in the Western theme is filled with picturesque cowboys driving cattle and riding horses. You may easily incorporate a few humorous decorations to provide a light-hearted feel to your home. This is a fun and classic choice.

Country Home Décor

Step back in time to the 19th century Midwest. Fill your home with baskets of flowers, country clad dolls, and jute throw rugs. You will see gingham curtains and tablecloths in maroon, navy blue, cream. The artwork generally depicts farm houses and rolling hills. You may want decorations with farm animals, including the classic dairy cow, rooster, or chicks. Take your family and guests back to a simpler time of homemade pie, gardens, and American pride. There is décor available for every room of the house that brings to mind the words "Home Sweet Home."

Southwestern Home Décor

Bring some sun and history to your house with a desert and Native American décor. Full of pastels, this popular choice features pottery, desert landscapes, and rustic pieces. You can fill your home with patterned baskets, animal carvings, and of course, the famous chili pepper. An entire home can be decorated with chili pepper items alone! Fill your home with beautiful pottery and the natural, earthy feel of the Southwestern design. Transform your living room with some Native American-style throw pillows or wool blankets. Your walls can feature sun mosaics or cactus clocks to finish the picture. This feel is one that is sure to be relaxing to you and your guests..

Holiday Decorations

Each of these regional approaches will blend wonderfully with holiday decorating as well. Find a cowboy Christmas scene, a vast choice of country Thanksgiving ideas, or chili pepper holiday lights. If you need a change in the summer months, there are many stars and stripes items in all three genres. You will enjoy collecting for every season of the year.

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