Feng Shui Tips & Tricks for Beginners


  • Author Kalina Gornicheva
  • Published August 20, 2009
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Feng Shui is defined as an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive "qi" (energy or life force). Interior decorators, designers and architects across the world over employ its principles when designing homes.

We have compiled a list of the simpler tips and tricks from the practice of Feng Shui that you can use when you’re decorating to improve the atmosphere of your home.

• Don’t Cut Corners

The importance of corners in a room is often overlooked, resulting in dark or dull areas of the home. To create a good flow of energy in the room, the corners should be decorated with a lamp, round table or colorful vase with fresh flowers.

• Mirror, mirror…

When placed in the right places, mirrors can also greatly influence the flow of energy in a room, particularly in small spaces. Bring the outdoors in by placing a mirror in a position where it reflects the beauty of nature outside. Try not to hang a mirror directly opposite a window or door, however, as the energy will be reflected out of the room instead of into it.

• Make a grand entrance

The first impression guests receive of your home is the entryway. Create a warm inviting atmosphere that will welcome guests into your home. Make sure clutter is kept to a minimum with functional furniture such as storage benches, console tables, shoe cabinets and more. Try and look at the space objectively to see how a guest would consider the space and make any improvements necessary.

• Open up your living space

Place furniture in an open, inviting manner. All seating should be easily accessible and not have too many obstructions in the way. Modern design sofas should be positioned so that when seated you and your guests have a good view of the entry door.

• Accessorize

When you add accessories to your home you simply improve its character. Adding accent cushions to your modern sofa will add to its appearance and also increase its comfort level. Your living room should be a gallery of accessories that reflect your style and personality. Include family photos, inspiring art and items with sentimental value.

Armed with these effective tips and tricks you’re sure to create the perfect Feng Shui atmosphere in your home and start feeling the benefits of its positive energy.

Kalina Gornicheva boasts an extensive background in interior design and visual merchandising. Armed with her Masters Degree in "Interior and Furniture Design Engineering" from LTU University in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently working at BoConcept, she enjoys incorporating extendable dining tables and modern coffee tables into her visual merchandising.

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