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  • Published September 11, 2009
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In today’s wireless world, a large amount of potential clients will form the majority of their first impression based on your company’s website. Search engines and websites have replaced Yellowpages as the best way for finding business listings. Within the first few seconds of landing on your website, a client will form an opinion about your business based on how your site looks. Unfortunately, many companies are still falling short of website expectations, so they are turning to Drupal and its themes to solve their website needs.

According to Mike Schultz and John Doeer of Raintoday.com, clients will make up their mind about your business within the first three minutes of viewing your page. To ensure your Drupal-themed Web site retains visitors, consider the main questions clients use to evaluate the design and content of your page.

The first question in many clients minds is: "How good are your communication skills?" Based on content, flow, clarity, and visual undertones, clients develop an idea of your business’s level of communication skills. No one wants to hire a business that cannot clearly communicate their services. There can be no clear communication without attention to detail. If your page is riddled with mistakes like grammar, typos, broken links, amateurish design, and out-of-date content, the client will doubt your dedication and quality of service.

Another big question in a client’s mind is: "How up-to-date is your business?" If your home page looks like it was built during the "Dotcom Era", they will wonder what else about your company is outdated. Don’t use distracting and busy backgrounds, animated mouse pointers, and don’t put a visitor counter on your site. Cheesy touches tell clients what kind of aesthetic and professional taste you bring to all your work. You want your Drupal page to stand out, but not because of unprofessional design elements.

Drupal is a great platform for content management, unique site creation, and can differentiate your site from your competition. Drupal also offers an array of features to solve common site issues. The flexibility of Drupal allows users to easily keep their content up-to-date, and edit any content or layout errors. Features found on Drupal make hosted sites flexible, manageable, and quickly adaptable to user needs.

With Drupal Features, You can:

• Create Search Friendly URLs: Drupal uses Apache's mod_rewrite. This allows users to easily create customizable URLs that are both user- and search engine-friendly.

• Personalize to Your Needs: Both the content, presentation, and features of your Drupal page can be personalized, based on your chosen preferences.

• Choose Templates: Drupal's theme system allows the user to control the look and feel of their Drupal site. Templates are created from standard HTML and PHP coding, which means users don't have to learn the language of the templating process.

• Analyize and Track Statistics: Through Drupal, users can print browser-based reports including information about referrals, content popularity and how visitors navigate your site.

To correctly adapt a Drupal page to your needs and take full advantage of every feature, you must have the right Drupal theme to meet your business needs. The right Drupal themes can change the look, feel, and function of your site, and influence your clients’ first impressions. But if you don’t understand HTML, you might not want to take on a do-it-yourself Drupal themes overhaul. Instead, trust the reputation of your business to the professionals.

Top Notch Themes offers exclusive Drupal themes designed and constructed by Drupal experts. Each theme is extensively tested for functionality before it’s offered for your use. They offer dozens of themes online and can custom design a Drupal theme to your specifications. Guarantee your visitors the best first impression by letting the experts at Top Notch Themes make your Drupal site clear, attractive, and up-to-date.

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