Paid To Click, Paid To Read, Paid To... Who Are They?

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  • Author Alex Tolstykh
  • Published September 20, 2009
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If you already heard about GPT (Get Paid To: subscribe, read, click, promote, complete offers, surf etc.) services or sometimes work with them, you must know that many of them are natural scam or will become scam very soon. Hundreds of them!

This article will help you to find out who are scammers and who are paying GPT sites.

Why so? There are much people on our planet who love to earn cash quickly and false, and then take wings. And on the other hand there are us who allow them to do whatever they want. A lot of this sort of systems appear and go every single day with your money, even without being alive at least a month. So, what to do to earn money and to avoid getting caught by those evil guys?

You will find below needful tips to remember in order to join only trusted GPT sites:

  1. The primary and the main rule: nobody will pay you $1 for clicking or 20 dollars for completing offers. Don't be so naif!

  2. Prior to joining a GPT site, surf through search engines using its name plus words like "scam" to know more about it. If you find some negative reports and no disproof on them, think twice before joining it. Find out how long this GPT site exists. A long existence is a good demonstration it's a trusted site.

  3. Look at the design of the service. 100% scammy GPT sites use template scripts without even changing and complementing them.

  4. Unpleasant layout (low script) - the first warning that you surely deal with a scammer. Sometimes the head is not considerably changed because is just a clone of the "parent" site, or doesn't even exists.

  5. If you come across many grammatical errors, it means that the admin didn't even care about how his GPT site looks like. What else was he thinking about then? Maybe he was in haste?

  6. Contradictions in Terms, FAQ and on the home page. Usually nobody reads them, including the admin. But you should. The most frequent ones happen in the site's name, prices, upgrades to premium account, cashout terms. All these things mean that you will be clicking, promoting, reading etc. only for "promises", not for money.

  7. Check also if the GPT site offers banners for promotion. Banners are not a luxury, it's a must have.

  8. Stay away from sites without any means of communication (no forum or chat).

  9. No contact with the admin, i.e. he doesn't answer emails, questions, always off-line. Stay away.

  10. The GPT site is on a 3rd level domain. Does it mean that the owner cannot even buy his own domain and hosting? What about your money then?

  11. You shouldn't join the sites with a lot of affiliate programs + redirect. It's an eyesore, furthermore you will be supposed to await tons of viruses.

  12. Viruses found on the site itself - scam with no comments.

  13. If the cashout is only acceptable by upgraded members, it means that the owner doesn't want to let you reach your minimum to withdraw.

  14. If some gambling is a part of the GPT site, it is also a bad sign, not crucial but undesirable. The script will let you win maybe some cents. Then it will decide everything for you. You can lose everything if you are carried away too much.

  15. Too long pending payouts, frequent changes in TOS, lowering of the clicks cost, raising of the minimum withdrawal (if you are already in) - the first warning that you would better take leave asap.

Too much headache only to find a trusted GPT site?

I will not surely leave you "as is", being in need of hunting for paying sites. The link in the bio will take you to the list of them. Good luck!

The author invites you to visit his site at where you will find a lot of essential info about top GPT services.

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