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  • Author David Urmann
  • Published March 3, 2007
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Chain saw is an invaluable instrument that has been gifted by science. Although it is helpful in the activities like felling, bucking and delimbing (cutting of branches from the felled tree) but every invention reveals its value only when it is used in a safe manner. Now a day various designs of chain saw are available in the market along with the safety devices attached to it but then also rough handling could cause any mishappening that could be dangerous enough. So it is essential to handle the instrument with care.

First of all it is essential to decide that for what purpose you are buying the instrument and thus to select it looking at size, sharpness and angle of the teeth it contains. It is also essential to check the parts of the instrument as chain speed, horsepower, bar length etc that you are purchasing. Then one must take a proper training to know the way to handle it to avoid the accidents like ‘kickback’ that could occur when the chain tooth of the guide bar tip, instead of cutting through the wood cuts into it. Helmet could be used to keep away such situation. Not only this but Helmet would prove to be helpful against small falling objects from the tree being felled. The goggles must be used at the time of working so as to save the user’s eyes from the penetration of any chips. As the noise of chain saw is very loud so the user must use the Ear defenders that will protect the eardrum against any damage.

One should not forget to carry the first aid kit while moving for the work, in case some accident occurs at the site. This kit must be enriched with the material of dressing. Then one should also carry a whistle along with him because there are chances that people around you are unable to hear you at the time of injury due to the noise of the chain saw. At this time the whistle would prove to be a helpful friend to call on the colleagues nearby.

Another important feature to be viewed is the fabric of clothing used by the worker. These days such trouser has been developed that could provide the safeguard to the user. Generally two types of trousers are available in the market one providing protection to the front of the leg and the other that provide protection to the full leg. It is obvious that the later one is much better from the view of protection. It is in favor of the user to use the gloves while working. These gloves are made of the special fabric that is flexible and also cut proof. Thus this fabric is used in the back of the left hand of these gloves as most injury takes place here only. Then the shoe, which are especially prepared for this purpose could be used. The front exposed area of these shoes is consisting of the cut protective fabric and have steel toe for the safety purpose.

Besides this the regular servicing of the instrument is very essential so that it could work smoothly and without causing any type of damage. At the time of falling of trees there are chances of having crushed or injury. To be safe in this matter it is necessary to have training before coming to the practical field.

It is well said that it is better to be careful than to be cured. So it is better to use these helpful resources with a little care to utilize its advantage fully.

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Ben Fruin · 12 years ago
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