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  • Published October 4, 2009
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The long rumored internet search deal between Yahoo and Microsoft has now become a reality with the deal finally being inked. According to the deal, Microsoft’s search engine Bing will power Yahoo website and Yahoo in turn will take on advertising sales for Microsoft. But this is not all about the deal. The Yahoo Microsoft tie up has raised a lot of speculations about the changes in search and online advertising that this deal will yield.

One of the most popular speculations of this tie-up is the potential competition that it will pose to Google. It wasn’t long ago that Goggle was seen as the heart throb of web search. The popularity of Google almost seemed indispensable. Google’s logo was loved by all, it was the reason for the massive online advertising business expansion and within no time, Google was seen raking in a lot of money and becoming a monopolistic search giant. We all love Google, but it did annoy users once in a while and has even caused boredom with it presence everywhere. The deal between Yahoo and Microsoft is seen as the only prospective team that can break the monopolistic authority of Google.

Of late, Bing has taken the center stage in many ways. Sometimes good sometimes criticism has been hurled out at Bing. Either ways, it is getting a lot of publicity and slowly, Google is being made to share its search volume with Bing. It seems like the speculation of the prospective Google competitor is shaping up.

On the other hand, Yahoo and Microsoft which have been trying hard to make some big profits for quite some time see a ray of hope with tie up. The deal is said to boost Yahoo’s annual operating income by about $500 million, with savings up to $200 million. As far as Microsoft is concerned, the share value is already seen rising steadily. It has already moved up by 1.4% and is expected to rise further.

The Yahoo-Microsoft deal is all set to benefit one and all- the two tie up companies, users as well as advertisers, it’s a win-win situation for all. Let’s pray and hope all the speculations turn out to be true moving further.

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