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  • Published October 2, 2009
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Have you been putting in hours and hours of your time writing articles? If you have been doing just that, you know that link building with articles take a very long time. Most people have an average typing speed of less than 50 words per minute. In a single day, it is reasonable to assume that with that kind of typing speed, the production rate is only about 7 to 8 articles per day.

Extremely prolific writers can produce more than that (about 20 articles per day), but that is more the exception than the norm. The reason why marketers are spending so much time of articles is because they want to publish unique content.

You see, to create a positive experience for the search engines, the creators of all the major search engines have found a way to detect duplicate content. They do not want to see a search result with thousands and thousands of articles that look the same. So they came up with a way to detect and remove such pages.

In other words, whoever is busy generating duplicate content (such as scraping articles off other websites) will receive little to no traffic from the search engines. In order to avoid the duplicate content penalty, marketers are now forced to write unique content.

Unfortunately, writing is a very time consuming process. And marketers are also business owners who are very strapped for time. There are so many other aspects of the business to take care of - product development, forging partnerships, writing sales letters, etc. So no one really wants to spend hours sitting in front of the computer and write articles.

The good news is, innovative software developers have been able to create solutions that will help with the writing. Take for example, the brand new software, Website Content Wizard.

This piece of software is able to create unique articles from one single article. This feature is commonly known as the "spinning" feature. This process was performed manually in the past, but now the author has assistance in doing this rewriting with a software wizard.

Many writers continue to rewrite articles manually and shun the spin feature because past software developers haven't been able to come up with a feature that allow the articles to make contextual sense after spinning. In other words, although the articles become unique after spinning, the meanings of the sentences are altered due to the word replacements.

Website content wizard has been excellent in this aspect. If you own the software, here is what you need to do to generate unique content.

First, spend about 10 to 15 minutes writing just one unique article. If you are new to the software, you probably need to spend an hour so learning how to operate the software. Once you are familiar with the features, you can start using it immediately.

Load your article into the software and let it spin (rewrite) unique versions of your article. The best part is, the articles (even though they tell the same message they are unique now)they all make perfect sense! This is genuinely a break through! No article writing software has been able to really solve this problem. In fact, the software has been so efficient that many human editors from well established article directories are having difficulties spotting the rewritten articles. They are approved because they all appear to be unique which in fact they are!

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