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  • Published February 20, 2007
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Without employing the professional services of a cabinet maker, you're basically stuck with remodeling your home kitchen or bathroom with pre-designed cabinets - which might not be a problem if you're lucky enough to find what you want. But what if you aren't able to find that perfectly matching color or molding?

Chances are that you have a specific look or style in mind before you begin shopping for cabinets. And no matter how much planning or comparison shopping you do - you could still end up without the set that you wanted from the beginning.

Some people might purchase a set of cabinets and manipulate them to look the way they want, but this strategy is best left to professional cabinet makers (or at least those who are highly skilled in carpentry). If you don't have training in this area and you attempt to craft your own set of cabinets (or modify a set to your liking), you really run the risk of damaging not only the cabinets, but also the walls that they're attached to.

Instead of making irreparable mistakes with miscalculations, over-hammering and jagged saws, hire a professional cabinet maker. A professional cabinet maker is specially trained to take your idea and manifest it into a beautiful and working set of cabinets for your kitchen and/or bathrooms.

What are cabinet makers?

Cabinet makers not only craft shelving, they also finish them with intricate and creative molding and edging. Throughout the ages, this craft has been categorized under the careers of furniture making, industrial arts, arts and crafts, and woodworking.

A Quick History of Cabinet making

Cabinet making made its mark in history during the 18th century - lending to the household names that we hear even today, like George Hepplewhite, Thomas Chippendale, and Thomas Sheraton. In fact, the designs of Hepplewhite and Chippendale have set the standard for future

cabinet makers with their own unique and time-tested classic look.

Due to high demand, the industrial revolution almost wiped out the advent of cabinet making with its advancing machinery and mass production of household shelving. The industrial process in fact, is fully automated and designed to produce a large quantity of molded cabinets, applying a final veneered finish to pressed wood. But as we all know, nothing can replace the artistry of handcrafted work.

Cabinet Making Today

Today, cabinet makers are among some of the most highly skilled craftsmen in the entire industry and those who understand the value in not only high quality but in uniqueness as well, solicit their services.

Commonly attributed to general carpenters, cabinet makers also work with various types of lumber, sizes, and dimensions. They read blueprints, excel in crafting all kinds of wood and they work with insulation as well. Cabinet makers are also well experienced in finishing wood with special colors and hardening techniques specially formulated to bring out a wood's natural beauty. And it's that particular artistry that has made their services so valuable to home builders, homeowners, and

interior decorators.

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