Electric Fireplace Logs – What You Must Know

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  • Author Thomas Johnsen
  • Published October 23, 2009
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Apart from the complete electric fireplace units, there are also fireplace inserts that can be purchased. They are most especially useful when you already have a traditional fireplace and simply want it converted. Included on those inserts are electric fireplace logs.

Basically, the electric logs are inserts that can provide special burning effects to fireplaces without actually burning a single log. In a sense, that means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of collecting and cutting logs and the mess of burning them to produce heat.

Same with electric fireplace heater units, these inserts can also be purchased in many fireplace companies like charmglow and dimplex as well as in electric fireplace direct. You can have them ordered through the web or purchased in local fireplace stores.

Before you go purchasing one of it though, it would be a big help to know important things first about electric fireplace logs. Specifically, it will be an aide by making you knowledgeable and wiser when making a purchase. The following are the things that you should know about.

  • The usual electric logs feature a simulation of a "living flame". It stimulates a glowing coal or log that provides an illusion of burning.

  • No complicated installation is needed to make it work. All that is required is an electric outlet where you can plug it in.

  • They come in a wide range of prices. There are those that are cheap yet are still of great quality and there are also those that come in high prices with many additional features cutting financial limitations if there is any.

  • No toxic gases are emitted with the use of electric logs. Apart from that, the use of them does not produce sparks that can possibly cause fire making them a safe modern device to have.

  • There are electric logs that come with crackling sound. This creates an even more realistic traditional fireplace ambience.

  • They are of different widths too of 16 inches, 21 inches and 24 inches that can be used on fireplaces in any corner of your house. It’s just really a matter of a personal choice.

  • Real wood are used by some manufacturers to produce them. They could be made out of oak, cherry and walnut.

In general, electric logs make contemporary electric fireplace heaters look more realistic. With them the beauty and function of a traditional fireplace is made without the hassle and the mess of having to clean the fireplace and the chimney often.

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