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  • Author Mike Hickmon
  • Published October 22, 2009
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If you want a solar panel, build your own by following these steps. People around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the hazards to environment and the ways in which they can protect the environment. By using a solar panel to generate energy, we protect the environment because this panel does not have any harmful carbon emissions associated with it.

We require certain components to build our own panel. Suppose we need to build a solar panel with the capacity of 16 volts. For building this panel, we first need a rechargeable battery. A deep cycle battery with a rating of 12 volts is commonly used. We will also need a battery box, a DC input, a DC meter which can equal the battery voltage to the DC voltage, insulated wires and a drilling machine

Steps in building your own solar panel:

First of all, we need to have all the required components mentioned above. These components can be bought at any ordinary shop and may cost around 100 dollars approximately.

Drill holes on the upper end of the battery box where we can fix the DC meter and the DC output. We should then connect the battery and the meter with the help of the insulated wire. We should be extremely cautious in connecting the battery and the meter. We can start with the negative input first and then proceed to the positive one. We should not try to connect the wires at the same time as this may cause some problems. After this step, connect the DC input and the battery and then to the solar panel. Here again we must start with the negative input and then proceed to the positive one. We should protect the battery box lid. Tie a string in the lid. Now the solar energy panel is ready. The panel must be kept in a place where it will be exposed maximum sunlight. It should be charged for 8 hours and then it will be ready for use.

An inverter can be attached to the battery. This will convert the power generated by the panel from DC to AC power and this AC power can then be used to run various appliances.

It is very easy to make a solar panel, just build your own. The total cost will be around two hundred dollars which is highly economical. Also by using our own panel, we can save the cost associated with electricity bills. We are no longer dependent on others to get our power supply. These panels generate energy with the help of sunlight and it can even be used in offices.

Another advantage of using solar panels is that they help to reduce the carbon gas that is released to the environment and thus they do not cause any harm to the environment. Hence solar energy panels are reliable sources of power which are also environment friendly.

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