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  • Author Mike Hickmon
  • Published October 24, 2009
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You can build your own solar panel to protect nature. This will make you contribute more to the goodness of society. With climate change, there are many difficulties with regards to our natural resources, and we humans are affected very much by this. When you are concerned about the environment, you can use a solar panel. Earth is getting heavily polluted and as a result, the ozone layer is getting depleted. Almost all of the worlds countries are concerned about pollution and it is these solar energy panels that make the difference.

Solar panels can take on many forms, shapes and types. This is a device which has the capacity to convert energy and it is known that the solar energy is obtained from the Sun. It is also known that the sun is the natural source of energy. The panel has the capacity to generate the solar energy. It can absorb the sun’s rays and there is an insulation cover which will help the panel, retain its absorbed energy. The solar energy is converted into electrical energy which will make the environment pollution-free. We can also use the stored solar energy for our office and in our houses.

Some find it interesting to build their own solar panel whereas others find it difficult. You need not be a scientist to make your own panel. You should learn certain things, understand them and make your own solar energy reservoir. You should buy solar cells according to the requirement. The solar cells should be packed with the panel to store the solar energy. There are many types of cells. They may be big or small. It depends of the requirement. Small cell will produce less electricity whereas big batteries will provide high current. You require a box to fix these cells. According to the specifications of the cells, you should buy the boxes. Buy a DC meter to give a DC input. The DC meter will convert the solar energy to the electrical energy. Attach the DC meter to the DC input and to the battery which is kept in a box. You should use insulated wire to attach the meter and the battery.

Your build own solar panel is now ready. You should keep this panel in a place where you get more sun light. When the solar energy is absorbed then the energy will start converting it to electrical energy. You can use this in your house and in office as it is a onetime investment. You can save your electricity bill and can also save the environment. Periodic maintenance is required. There are more benefits that you can obtain from these panels. You are saving your environment from the pollution. So, an easiest way to protect the environment is by having a solar panel in every house.

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