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Pest control products are products that are developed to control, destroy or reduce the activities of pests. Some Pest control products are available for domestic use, while a larger number of them are available for commercial purpose. If not managed properly, pests can affect our quality of life adversely. To prevent impairment in the quality of life and in the area of health and well-being, Pest control products are used.

Various Pest Control Products

1.Household Pest control products

The following Pest control products are meant for the house area, mostly kitchen, bathroom and so on.

•Roban: It is a pesticide that acts against rats, mice and bandicoots and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

•Pest seal: An effective pesticide that acts against all flying and crawling insects.

•Pest seal Aerosol: A ready-to-use pesticide, which acts against cockroaches and other flying and crawling insects such as flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs and silverfish.

•Termiseal: A pesticide, which is effective against all wood-boring pests.

•Trubble Gum: The unique non-toxic glue trap is for rats and mice that looks and opens like a book.

2.Industrial Pest control products

Industrial Pest control Products are generally used in godowns, different factories, work places, manufacturing areas and so on. To make the environment free of pests or bugs, one has to take actions on them by using following Pest control products according to the requirements:

•Bird-Proofing solution- Use of this pesticide makes sure that no bird fouls on the sprayed area.

•Electric Flying insect killer- It attracts, kills and collects flies and other insects in a safe and non-toxic manner.

•Electrifying insect catcher- Efficiently and quietly traps flying insects on its replaceable control (glue) boards.

•Sterilant Gases- It kills all unknown viruses, bacteria and fungi.

•Thermal Foggers and ULV Aerosol Generations- It destroys both flying and crawling insects.

•Germicidal Air Sterilizer- It sterilizes premises against airborne infection caused by viruses, bacteria and spores.

3.Biological control agents and Bio-pesticides

These agents and pesticides are used in agricultural area like crops, flowers and so on. To make crops free from bugs and pest, following Pest control products can be used:

•NIPROT- It is use to control soil borne fungal pathogens that cause diseases in crops.

•Pheromone Lures and Traps- This pesticide prevents the mating between male and female pests on the crops.

•Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus- This pesticide avoids paling of the crop.

•Neem-Baan- A Neem-based pesticide, which is effective against pests in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and plantation.

•Mycon-Jaal- This pesticide prevents pests from attacking cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage and broccoli.

Precautions to be taken:

Following precautions should be taken before using Pest control products:

•Read the label carefully. Follow all safety precautions described on the label.

•Pesticide application should only be done in the absence of children, pregnant women, elder persons and pets.

•Use the pesticides only for intended purposes.

•Avoid contact of pesticides with skin.

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Pest Control
Pest Control · 10 years ago
Pest control services cover termite control, rodent control services, fumigation services etc. These, apart from being environment friendly are safe and reliable.

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