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  • Author Betty Campbell
  • Published October 26, 2009
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When you check out all that ADT has to offer you, you'll understand why they're ranked as America's top home security provider. Providing you with excellent value for money, a security system to suit any home and 24 hour monitoring, what more could you possibly ask for from a home security provider?

24 Hour Monitoring

ADT provides customers with a 24 hour monitoring service, which is where they are superior when compared to other security companies. But this doesn't imply that you will be constantly watched every minute of the day. They monitor the signal for the alarm and when an ADT professional notices it has been set off, an emergency service is sent immediately. You are notified straightaway too, so it doesn’t matter whether you are away or at home; you will always be kept safe with ADT!

ADT has many security monitoring locations through out the country. This is a way that your home can be protected 24 hours a day every day.

Providing Protection Before An Intruder Gains Entrance Into Your Residence

Progressive security items which include wireless sensors are now contained in ADT alarms. These help to detect an intruder before they get into your home. Many home security systems only alert you once the intruder has stepped foot inside the property. Time is of the essence! However, by setting off the alarm before the intruder has a chance to get into the property, it really helps to protect your home and your family.

A lot of theives try to break into homes while the residents are there, and that can lead to dangerous situations. So stopping them from getting into the property with an alarm that goes off early could potentially save your family.

ADT Signs Deter Criminals

One unique feature that ADT home security systems provide is warning signs for your yard and windows. Who would have thought that a small sign could do so much to make potential thiefs think twice?

When a criminal knows you have ADT protecting you, they'll likley think twice about trying to break in.

It's Very Easy To Use An ADT Home Security System

When you are looking to buy a security system, one thing that is sure to interest you is the degree to which it is user friendly. You hear so many stories of people who purchase security alarms only to have them set off during the night and then they cannot turn them off again. Since ADT's system is very easy to operate, this usually doesn't happen.

They Also Have Fantastic Upgrades

Lastly, many excellent upgrades are available for ADT home security systems. Among other things, these feature the new "Safepass" which is quite amazing.

Arming and disarming the security system without a security code is easy with Safepass. The alarm is easily activated or deactivated by waving the pass in front of it. It truly is that easy and will eliminate a lot of hassle if it should ever be activated and you aren't able to remember how to use the code to deactivate it.

Overall ADT really is one of the best home security providers in America. Their systems come with so many advantages and compared to other brands they really do deliver results. Fast response and full home protection are guaranteed twenty-four/seven.

Betty Cambell writes about ADT home security products to keep you and your home safe. Read her reviews if you are looking for ADT alarm system or ADT professional and emergency service to find the best deals!

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