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  • Author Denzale Montgomery
  • Published October 25, 2009
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Duvet cover sets come in an array of different sizes,fabrics,and designs. There are duvet covers to fit every occasion. One of the greatest benefits of owning a duvet cover set is that it's possible to change between them easily without having to get rid of your comforter. Over the past couple of years I have collected an abundance of different duvet cover sets. Ranging anywhere from striped duvet covers to polka dot duvet covers and yes even floral duvet covers. Changing between my duvet covers is simple, so I do it often. Although I may use some of my duvet covers more than others, I strictly reserve my floral duvet covers for the holidays. Why you may ask?

Well I believe when it comes to decorating my bedroom there is a design for every holiday, season and special occasion. For me, when I look at stripes, I think of streamers which make me think of birthdays. Some people may look at changing your whole bed set around just for a birthday as going a little overboard. But I believe that when it comes to decorating you can never do too much or too little as long as when you finish your house feels just a little bit more like a home. Besides birthdays only come once a year why not go all out. To all the husbands out their take it from me if your wife sees you doing so much as to put a special striped duvet cover on your bed, she will really be surprised. Solid color duvet covers are nice especially for more modern homes. Personally I believe solid color duvet covers fit more of your day to day life. Basically keeping things simple is the best thing for the normal everyday routine. Floral duvet covers are great for holidays. For example, imagine it being it being Christmas eve, the snows falling, on the radio Christmas carols are playing. Outside it's the worst snow storm in years but inside your nice and warm. Your laying under a nice floral duvet cover with a large vibrant lily pattern upon it, while wrapping presents because it slipped your mind. This is why, for me I love having a beautiful floral duvet cover for the holidays.

This article was written as my own opinion. I did not write this with the intent of someone following it as a decorative handbook. Only to provide insight as to what I found to be personally benefiting to my own personal needs. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this article and hope everyone the best in their future endeavors.

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