Role of Water Jet and Water Jet Inlays in Home Decoration

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  • Published October 24, 2009
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Water fountains look really elegant to be a part of the garden of modern homes. Presence of water fountain in the landscaped garden provides a royal look to your home and also enhances its value. Water fountains are considered as the ideal decoration medium since thousand years of history. If we look back to the time, emperors used to have water fountains in their palace. People, who have visited any such historical monument, must have seen indoor fountains there.

Water fountains are made up of components like water purifier, water jet, water jet inlays and others. In this article we are concerned with the components water jet and water jet inlays. They provide ethnic look to modern homes with their beauty and attractive look. Water jets are also known as pump jets. As the name suggests, function of water jet is to crate a jet of water for propulsion. Mechanically, they are arranged as centrifugal pump and nozzle. As compared to bare propellers, water jets are extensively used in water fountains, which have a high speed. Another application of water jet is to provide protection to rotating element to make operation safer.

Unlike water jets, water jet inlays are specifically used for decoration purpose. They are installed at the bottom of water fountains, usually in round shape. However, they are available in other shapes also like rectangular, square, octagon, star, and hexagon etc. Water jet inlays are constructed with natural stones like marble and granite. Both granite and marble water jet inlays look extremely graceful and are available in various patterns, designs and colors.

Mosaic water jet inlays are most popular among modern home owners. They are most fashionable and extremely appealing. They are nothing but an attractive mosaic painting or structure at the bottom of water fountains. Mosaic water jet inlays are usually found in marble pattern.

Unique water jet and water jet inlays are the need of every modern home owner who has or is planning to have water fountain in the landscaped garden. Both these components of water fountains are available to almost each and every natural stone product manufacturers and supplier, that too in a wide variety and exclusive designs. Therefore, you would not face any difficulty in getting desired water jet and water jet inlays in order to decorate your sweet home.

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