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In the present market climate saving money has become the important factor and many people are heading towards save their money. One simple way is to replace your central heating system in your house with condensing boiler which can save load of your money with low gas bills. Condensing boilers use less gas and produce more heat, which warm your home. One such condensing boiler is Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler.

Vaillant ecoTEC Boilers are popularly known as wall hung room sealed fan assisted condensing boilers. These boilers are the one of the best condensing boilers available in the market. Vaillant ecoTEC boilers suit in all types of houses such as typical 1 bedroom apartment. Flat with 1 bathroom, typical 2 or 3 bedroom semi-detached home with 1 bathroom, typical 3 or 4 bedroom detached homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms plus en suite and typical 3 bedroom detached homes with 3 or more bathrooms.

Most of ecoTEC Boilers are compact and wall mounted combination boilers or condensing boilers. They are 90% energy efficient, SEDBUK A rated condensing boilers, which helps in saving your gas bills and save environment by producing low emissions. These Vaillant ecoTEC boilers work on the basic condensing boiler principle. They recover all the waste heat which is normally rejected into the atmosphere from the flue and condense them to produce the heat.

Vaillant boilers produces four different models of ecotec boilers. They are

• Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Boilers

• Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Boilers

• Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive boilers

• Vaillant ecoTEC Plus System boilers

Using all the standards and qualities from Vaillant, ecoTEC plus boilers are produced. They are high efficient combination boilers with SEDBUK A rated and come with excellent hot water performance, which provide instantaneous hot water at constant temperature. Vaillant Ecotec Plus boilers come in three different models which produce different outputs. Vaillant ecotec plus 824 combi boiler produce maximum of 19.0 KW CH output and 23.0 DHW output. When it comes to 831 Ecotec Plus boilers it produces maximum of 24.0 KW CH output and 31.0KW DHW output and finally 837 Ecotec Plus boilers produce 28.0 KW CH and 37KW DHW of output.

Vaillant ecoTEC Pro boilers are the high energy efficient combination boilers which best suit for 1 bedroom apartment/flat with only 1 bathroom. There are two different models in ecoTEC pro, they are Vaillant ecoTEC pro 24 combi boilers and Vaillane ecoTEC pro 28 Boilers. Both the combination boilers are 90% energy efficient and SEBUK A rated efficient boilers.

ECOTEC exclusive combi boilers are designed for the homes with 3 or 4 bedrooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms and a suite. These boilers are installed with innovative low energy pumps and eBUS electronics which helps to use the complete range of Vaillant energy saving controls and save your energy bills. The most energy efficient Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive combi boilers come in 2 different models they are Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive 832 combi boilers and Vaillant ecoTEC exclusive 838 combi Boilers.

All of the above three ecoTEC condensing boiler models don’t require any hot water cylinder or clod water storage tank, which save some space in your storage room.

Finally the Vaillant ecoTEC plus system boilers require separate hot water cylinder and cold water storage tank. These types of boilers are fitted with Vaillant’s uniSTOR unvented cylinder which provides a harmonized boiler and cylinder system. There are six different models which are Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 621 System boilers, 615, 618, 624, 630 and 637 system boilers. All the six models are SEDBUK Band A rated and 90% energy efficient boilers. These types of boilers suite for all homes like 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom, 2 or 3 bedroom with 1 or bathroom and bigger homes like 4 bedroom detached with 3 or more bathrooms.

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