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  • Published November 8, 2009
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Conservatories add valuable flexible living space to any home and once you have become used to enjoying the benefits conservatories provide you will not want to consider living without one. However, if the conservatory was installed many years ago it is probably starting to look tired, dated and no longer provides the attractive relaxation space it was originally designed for.

Timber conservatories that are over ten years old may be developing signs of rot and require high levels of maintenance whilst early upvc conservatories were constructed from wide bulky continental profiles that were not specifically designed for the purpose. Double glazing if actually fitted at all offered minimum insulation levels when compared to current energy efficient glazing.

The standard of components used in upvc conservatories today is now world’s away from those used eight or ten years ago and there is now an increasing demand from homeowners of these older structures to upgrade their existing conservatory to 21st century standards.

A makeover will modernise all or part of your existing conservatory and there are three routes to consider:


Conservatories built over five years ago will probably have basic 16mm polycarbonate roof glazing which is thermally inefficient and very noisy when it rains. For south facing conservatories there will be little protection from direct sunlight making the conservatory very uncomfortable on a hot summer’s day and cold during the winter.

Subject to the structural stability of the conservatory side frames it is possible to install a new roof glazed with either the latest solar control self cleaning glass or 35mm polycarbonate in a variety of finishes including the latest solar control options.

Upgrading the roof will substantially improve the energy efficiency of the conservatory and provide the existing structure a new lease of life.

If the side frame windows and doors are double glazed it is also a relatively easy task to replace these with energy efficient low E double glazing to help reflect valuable heat in the winter back into the room.


You can remove the existing structure and install a new modern conservatory onto the existing base and dwarf walls following the same footprint.

This is a popular choice for home owners on a tight budget since there is usually no need to employ a builder and for do-it-yourself enthusiasts this can provide the most cost effective solution. Demolishing an existing conservatory and replacing it with a brand new energy efficient model is usually a straight forward process that can be carried out over two or three days. All DIY conservatories are usually supplied with full assembly instructions making installation of the replacement conservatory fast and easy for anyone with practical do-it-yourself ability.


Demolishing the existing conservatory, walls and base allows you to start afresh and completely redesign the conservatory to suit your individual requirements. Whilst increasing the size of the conservatory may require planning permission a complete rebuild allows you to personalise your extra living space and even change the colour and shape.

You could change one side of the conservatory to include sliding folding doors which allow a wide unobstructed opening directly into your garden or patio instead of traditional French doors or sliding patio doors. The latest colour options allow you to change the colour of the conservatory to cream or black or green to differentiate your new living space from the main house. If you have the space changing the design from an existing Edwardian or Victorian conservatory to a P shape conservatory will provide increased floor space that can be used as two separate areas such as a dining room and sun room.

Upgrading an existing conservatory will modernise an old and dated living space whilst also improving its energy efficiency helping to lower your fuel costs in colder months of the year.

Tony Wiggins who is a director of Trade Conservatories 2 U Ltd leading UK suppliers of self build conservatories. Visit Buy Conservatories Online for detailed information and resources on all aspects of DIY and self build conservatories. You may reproduce this article providing you display the above links.

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