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  • Author Allison Raines
  • Published November 10, 2009
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Solar power is one of the most renewable sources of energy. It is also one of the sources of energy that does not harm the environment. It is good both for the body and the environment.

It is highly encouraged to use this kind of energy at this point in time that our environment is rapidly deteriorating. All the weird and erratic climate changes that we are experiencing are a result of the high levels of pollution that fossil fueled energy sources have emitted.

Imagine that there are places that are getting flooded that were not affected by this before. In some areas, the sun is brightly shining and a few kilometers away, it is raining cats and dogs. Heat waves and cold spells are happening all around. Some areas experience too much rain while others have a long dry spell. People, animals and crops are being affected by the erratic changes in the climate and weather.

To do our part, we should consider using alternative sources of energy to power some of our appliances. Solar power when converted to electricity via photovoltaic has the ability to supply energy to some of our appliances or gadgets. There are already solar chargers for mp3, digital cameras, mobile phones and laptops. There are also solar ovens, lamps, refrigerators, calculators, fm radio, pumps, inverters and a lot more. Most popular in every home is the calculator followed by the solar water heaters.

Using solar power will lessen your electricity consumption and give you a lot of savings. Solar power when harnessed and converted into solar energy does not give out carbon dioxide emissions that will harm the environment. You can even make your own solar panels to harness solar power with simple materials, even those that we use in the kitchen daily.

There are even websites that teaches you to make your own solar panels for under $ 200.00. Even solar newbies will be able to make their very own solar panels to use in their homes with the easy to follow instructions that these sites have.

With the current economic situation, people are looking to find ways of being able to save in the different areas of their lives. Utilizing solar power as the energy source of some of your appliances or gadgets will contribute a lot in your quest to save money to use for something you need more.

The use of solar power is getting popular all over. It does the environment good and your pocket too. What are you waiting for, go check out the internet to see how you can harness solar power to use in your home.

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