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  • Published March 14, 2007
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Finding the right air filter for your home is important; you care about your family more than anything, so you should care about the quality of air in your home. Remember they breathe it every day, so it's in their best interests, and yours, to choose the right filter.

Before buying an air filter, be sure to measure your vent, furnace or other filter location. It is important to measure your existing air filter exactly to the last centimeter in order to ensure you get the same size. For example, a filter that says its 16 by 25 may in reality be 15 5/8 by 24 5/8.

With this is mind, here is a breakdown of some of your best options for air filters:

The Absorber Filter

The absorber filter is directed at odor control and is primarily for homeowners who want to take advantage of filtered air and eliminate smells, especially if there are pets involved or if it’s a smoking home. If you have pets, this is probably the best kind of filter to get. It works by trapping airborne particles on the filters primary surface layer; this, combined with an active carbon filter, absorbs pet smells and other odors, like smoke.

Filter Fresh

A filter fresh is a smaller pad, usually six by six inches, that attaches to any AC or furnace filter. When you ruin your furnace or AC, the filter emits a subtle scent that lasts. There are many scent options to choose from, so take advantage of the wide variety.

Vent Filters

Vent filters use Electrostatic Register Filtration, a process that uses the vent filter's electrostatic material to a act as a magnet for attracting dust. The vent traps cigarette smoke, odors, dust, dirt and pollen, allowing fresh air to flow through freely. It keeps microscopic particles from getting through, thus ensuring your air remains fresh. It is ideal for a home with allergies or odors and lasts as much as ninety days.

UV Eliminator Filter

The UV Eliminator Filter is a special advanced filter that traps larger particles like mold and pollen, and then uses UV light to sterilize the invading aggravators; it also eliminates surface particles. It is great for homes of all types and performs well in all environments.

Web Plus Filter

This filter is a permanent electrostatic filter that is permanently adjustable and super easy to use. It also requires little maintenance; just a wash and reinstall once a month. A solid filter, it will last a long time and create much fresher, cleaner air.

Learn more about the UV Eliminator Filter and take advantage of special introductory pricing.

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