How to Remove Stubborn Algae from a Fountain

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  • Published November 17, 2009
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There are many ways to get rid of unwanted algae from accumulating in your fountain causing the awful and putrid smell. But if the algae has already started spreading on your fountain and you are having a tough time eliminating it or it has already resulted stains in your fountain, here are a few tips that you can do that will help in your algae problem.

Most importantly, you must always refer to the fountain’s instruction manual before trying to clean your fountain. You must prepare the necessary care products that are suitable and appropriate according to the material your fountain is made from. If your fountain doesn’t come with a manual or cleaning instructions, contact the manufacturer immediately for the best possible cleaning procedure to conduct for your fountain.

If you are not sure with who the manufacturer is, then call or the customer service number (1-877-271-1112) and it is toll-free. Just describe your fountain and they will give the best cleaning tips and materials to implement.

Switch off the plug, remove the old fountain water and wash the fountain with clean, fresh water. Wipe the wet surfaces and also the pump with a rag or wash cloth. If possible, use a pipe cleaner to suck out algae from the pump’s tubing and spouts. Also check if your fountain has small holes that shoot water streams down to the basin because they can be congested with algae and also need cleaning.

Dish soap can be used for cleaning a good number of fountains, but make sure that you wash it off totally to avoid an explosion of bubbles when the fountain is turned back on. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub off filth from cracks and crevices.

Only use bleach when it is explicitly allowed by the manufacturer. One can also use white vinegar which is a milder solution to get rid of algae. Drench a rag in warm white vinegar and put the rag over the affected fountain parts. Leave it for ten minutes and then scrub.

Never use a brush which has hard bristles on unfinished copper, stainless steel, or other unprotected surfaces. It can easily scratch the surface and may result to a disaster. Check out cleaning instructions at for proper algae disposal for these surfaces.

Even regular cleaning of the fountain will not keep algae from growing back. The solution to this is to use the product No More Algae for Fountains. It will prevent algae residues from reproducing.

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