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  • Author Adam Bennett
  • Published March 17, 2006
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Imagine someone has managed to gain access to your computer: they can browse your personal files and folders at will, taking what they want and destroying everything else. Not only have the only copies of last years holiday photos or the project you’ve been working on for months gone for good, but before you know it, your bank account has been cleaned out ...

Now think about it this way; when you go out – either of your home or your office – do you leave your door wide open? Or do you lock up tight? Potentially, the information stored on your computer is just as important, or perhaps even more so, than the physical goods in your home or office, so if you’re connecting to the internet why take the risk of leaving it vulnerable to attack.

So how do you protect your computer? As you no doubt know there are a whole host of anti-virus solutions out there, some better than others, but is this a comprehensive means of protection? Well, when you consider that viruses aren’t the only threat, then probably not. Your computer is also at risk from potentially hostile software, hacker attacks, information theft, spyware, spamming and more, so adequate security really is crucial.

Sounds expensive, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Vaultlock is the web’s largest and leading IT security warehouse, offering prices you’ll find it difficult to beat either online or in store.

“Safety doesn’t need to be complicated … security doesn’t need to cost the earth,” is Vaultlock’s credo, and they definitely follow-through. Stocking over 1,200 IT Security products, the easy to browse website, broken down into individual needs – i.e. personal, small business or enterprise – or helpful sales team will ensure you find something both affordable and highly secure.

“We believe staying safe online should be reliable, affordable and understandable, whether you’re browsing from home, emailing at work or running a global IT system.”

Adam Bennett recommends Vaultlock for all PC security needs

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