Are Name Brand Power Tools Worth the Extra Money?

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  • Author Chris Nicholas
  • Published March 16, 2007
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Why does name brand power tools, such as DeWALT or Makita, cost so much more than the non-name brand power tools from foreign countries? What are you really paying all the extra money for when buying name brands? Whether you buy name brand or not, both power tools can do the same job but which one will work best for you? It is you who needs to decide what fits your lifestyle and your budget. Are Name Brand Power Tools Worth the Extra Money?

If you are looking for a power tool to use on the job site then name brand and only name brand is what you should buy. In this case, that power tool is helping you make an income. When it fails your production stops along with your income. That is why it is a good idea to buy name brands because they are less likely to fail. Name brand power tools are better built with higher quality materials. They can take more abuse in harder working conditions than non-name brands. Name Brand cordless power tools have batteries with a longer life span and more capacity. Their batteries can run longer with fewer charges. Name brand power tools also have better ergonomics which increases user productivity and decreases user fatigue. On top of that name brand power tools come with awesome warranties that are good sometimes for years. Non name brand warranties expire the day you use them.

On the other hand if you are looking for a power tool to use every once in a while then non-name brand power tools would be best for you. Non-name brand power tools are usually imported from foreign countries such as China or Japan. Their not as high quality as name brands but they are a third of the price. Non-name brands are great for home owners who only need a power tool for “around the house” projects where they are only used 20 or 30 times a year. If they are accidentally dropped or lost then it isn’t that big of a deal because they are so cheap you can just buy a new one and finish the task later. A home owner could buy three non-name brand power tools for the price of one name brand power tool. Foreign power tools still get the job done and if taken care of they will last for years.

Name Brand power tools are worth the extra money if you are using them to make some money but if you’re just looking build a bird house then non-name brand would be best. Personally I choose non-name brands because I only use them once in a while around the house and since they are so cheap I can buy more of a variety of power tools to make my garage that much more versatile. Whether you decide to buy name brand or non-name brand, in the end you always get what you pay for and it is you who determines whether it is worth the extra money.

Written by Chris Nicholas-- Owner and Webmaster of --Supplier of a wide variety of Name Brand and Non-Name Brand Power Tools.

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