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  • Published November 24, 2009
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Travertine is a type of stone deposit (calcium carbonate) that is created by springs (mainly hot springs). In its raw form, it looks like a type of crystal. This type of stone is not a new discovery. For decades, they have been used to create majestic buildings. That speaks volumes of its properties and characteristics.

Travertine is known to be very strong and durable. It can be used to create tiny pieces of ornaments, or large structures like buildings. Tiny items include products like paperweights or jewelry.

Today, this type of stone can be used to create the walls and flooring of your bathroom. As the material originated from a wet environment, you can expect it to withstand moisture very well. After processing, the stone reveals very beautiful patterns. Mostly, they come in honey or beige colors. A homeowner can choose to have a lighter or darker shade, depending on the overall design.

These tiles are available in large slabs, or tiny mosaic tiles. The larger tiles are easier to install, and creates a much smoother appearance. If you are one for simplicity, then this is the type of tile that you will choose. However, if you prefer to have some kind of pattern on the wall or flooring, mosaic tiles will be ideal.

When it comes to bathroom design, don't forget to include your contractor in the designing process. Your contractor will be able to give you a rough price estimate, and let you know whether the design is practical or not. Try not to over-complicate things by having patterns that are too fanciful. Your bathroom will then turn into a room with too much distracting patterns. If you want a mosaic pattern, plan your design properly. Have it right smack in the middle of the bathroom because that is usually where the attention is directed. A single good looking pattern in the middle of the bathroom is much better than having dozens of patterns that don't complement one another.

Also, always keep in the mind the overall design when choosing tiles. Tiles will set the background for your bathroom. So whatever set pieces (like bathroom vanities) that you place in the bathroom will have an impact on the overall design. The theme is most important here. If you are going for a contemporary theme, then investing in simple looking tarvertine tiles will be most appropriate. But if there is a special type of look that you want to create, consider using mosaic tarvertine to form the patterns that you want.

Bear in mind that if you form complex patterns, make sure you have the right vanities to match the patterns. Usually, you will have no problems finding a good match for simple looking tarvertine tiles. For example, once the tiles have been laid, simply install a glass vanity and everything will look just fine.

Finally, if simplicity just isn't your cup of tea, consider having tarvertine medallion tiles in your bathroom. A medallion tile has a pattern right in the middle of the tile. When laid across the bathroom floor, it can create a most unique and stunning effect. Incorporate these tiles into your design plans with great care and you can be the proud owner of an exclusive looking bathroom.

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