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  • Published November 27, 2009
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People experiencing bath time scalding has been a long-running problem and the conception of ant-scald taps, valves and showers began with attempting to prevent deaths and injuries caused by bath time scalding. These devices are not a new form of technology as they have been around in public buildings such as hotels and healthcare environments. Despite their prominence in the public institution market, their popularity in domestic bathrooms have yet to increase. The anti-scald products have been particularly useful in homes with the elderly or young children under the age of five.

You may be used to using the shower where the temperature fluctuates from hot and cold. The cause of this is due to someone either flushing the toilet or using the washing machine in another part of the house. Although extremely frustrating at times, you may be used to it.

However, although you may be used to handling the rapid change in temperature, if you have any elders or children in the house, then this will not be very safe for them. This is especially true if the change in temperature is particularly intensive and sudden. It must be remembered that children and the elders have particularly sensitive skin and will be subject to gaining more burns if the water temperature changes suddenly.

With an anti-scald shower, you will not have to deal with this problem as the water will never turn too hot or cold. Furthermore, any use of domestic appliances around the house such as the washing machine or the kitchen tap downstairs will not affect the temperature of the shower. The valve may control only the shower, or if it is a diverter valve, both the shower and tub. It will work to keep the water temperature at a safe level, despite fluctuations in water supply lines.

Whilst anti-scald valves are necessary for maintaining your safety in the showers and tubs, it is important to note that they do not offer foolproof protection. They are beneficial for minimizing risk, however caution should still be maintained.

A pressure-balanced shower valve is designed specifically to compensate for changes in water pressure. Though it may appear to look like any other shower from the outside, it has a special diaphragm or piston mechanism inside that moves with a change in water pressure to immediately balance the pressure of the hot and cold water inputs. The valves work to maintain the temperature of the water.

It has been reported that there are around 20 deaths and nearly 600 serious injuries in the UK each year due to people not having adequate ant-scald equipment installed in their homes. It is our responsibility to ensure that more people become aware of the dangers involved in not having adequate protection installed in their showers. Anti-scald devices should be installed in every bathroom so that the hot water can be properly provided in the safest manner possible.

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