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Interior decoration for sure is an art and flooring plays a vital role in enhancing the décor of the house. So now if you are keen to know about the perfect flooring tips we have some vital information for you. Read on as we share the tips with you!

Although there are several visual similarities between solid hardwood flooring and laminate flooring, the laminate flooring is not made of any hardwood species. The top layer of the laminate flooring is mostly a decorative layer which is perfectly sealed with a resin-based coating. This is what makes the floor resistant and hardy.

As for the other two layers of laminate flooring, they are known as the backing layer and the core layer. A medium density or a high-density fiber board is generally used for making the core layer. The backing layer of laminate flooring is also known as the stabilizing layer. As the name suggests, this is the layer which binds all the other layers together. All the layers are bound together and they offer maximum structural strength. But if you are interested to know about how much stress the laminate flooring can endure, you will have to look at the AC rating.

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring applies an AC rating to all laminate floorings. There are a series of tests to know about the stress resistance of the floors. In order to know if the flooring will be hardy enough to endure all kinds of stress, the tests actually range from burning, to resistance, scratching to impact, and even tests are conducted to see if the floors can resist against abrasion which is generally caused by furniture legs and castors. After the tests, the laminate floorings are given AC ratings. As for AC1, it is suitable for places known for infrequent traffic like bedrooms. These can be placed where there is minimum movements.

As for AC2, it can be used in dinning and living rooms. AC3 flooring can be installed in different locations like light commercial centers and small offices. AC5 can be used in places which have higher traffic like busy commercial centers. They are mostly used in public buildings and department stores. As for AC4, the flooring can be installed in places like restaurants and boutiques. All reputable manufacturers follow the basic guidelines for laminate flooring. Most customers want to know about the AC rating before they choose the laminate flooring.

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