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  • Author Michiel Van Kets
  • Published December 3, 2009
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We take all kinds of safety measures these days to protect our home, our belongings and our family. Burglar alarms, locks on doors and windows, smoke alarms, outside security lighting and home security cameras are just a few of the most popular precautions. So why do most of us not even consider installing a fire sprinkler system in our homes to prevent a fire spreading and offer the ultimate protection to our family?

Sprinkler systems were invented more than 100 years ago and are a reliable and effective fire protection system. If you really want to keep your home and family safe, then installing a sprinkler system only makes sense.

Sprinkler systems are not only used in large business establishments, compact systems are becoming increasingly popular these days for small business owners and in residential homes. As the general public becomes more safety conscious, the addition of a sprinkler system to their premises is more commonplace then ever before.

A fire sprinkler system operates quite simply. The head of the sprinkler has a trigger mechanism that is activated when a certain temperature is reached, this releases the water and is effective in controlling the fire before it gets out of hand, and until help arrives.

Even if you have a smoke alarm already installed in your home, a sprinkler system can add extra safety for your staff or family. Whilst a smoke alarm will just draw your attention to the fact there is a fire on the premises, fire sprinklers will actually tackle the problem and reduce the hazard. They are known to be very effective in controlling a fire situation and shielding anyone inside from the dangers connected to a fire.

Fire sprinkler systems cannot just be installed and then left to fend for themselves. As with all safety equipment, they have to be regularly maintained and checked to ensure they remain in working order if they are to do their job when needed. A fire system that doesn’t work is no good to anybody. Testing and cleaning your system at least once a year is advised.

Fires can be extremely dangerous and many of them lead to fatalities or serious injury. Not only can fire sprinkler systems save lives but also prevent serious damage to your home or business, installing a fire sprinkler system can prevent a lot of heartache and are cheap at the price.

If you are looking into installing a fire sprinkler system into your home then costs are higher if your house is already built. If you are in the process of building your own house then you should look into having a sprinkler system installed during the building stage as the expense will be lower. Whichever applies to you, the costs for installation are reasonable when you consider the benefits. The installation involves placing pipe work in the walls, ceiling and attic, as most pipe work these days is made from plastic it works out cheaper for the householder and there are less problems with plastic as they don’t rust as metal pipes can, and they last a lot longer.

A fire sprinkler system can be unobtrusive in your house, made to co-ordinate with the house décor and designed to fit in with your color scheme. Domestic sprinkler systems are much smaller than industrial systems; they also use a lot less water and are generally linked to your main water system. Depending on where the fire is located will dictate which sprinkler is activated. So, if the fire is detected in your bedroom then that sprinkler will deal with the problem, thus less water is used, less water damage occurs and the fire is contained.

Domestic sprinkler systems should be every householder’s priority. They offer an inexpensive safeguard against danger should a fire break out in your home, they are also low maintenance and discreet. Put your mind at rest and do everything in your power to keep your family safe and sound.

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Nationwide Fire Sprinklers, provider of all aspects of fire sprinkler systems, specialised in domestic sprinkler systems.

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