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  • Author Laura Tran
  • Published December 7, 2009
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The trendy topic of today is an alternative home energy – which has been the stuff of conversations concerning peak oil and global warming. Well, do you really think it is possible to have an alternative energy home? Would that be possible to get reliable alternative home power that will furnish to the current energy necessities of the modern houses?

Questions above will be directly answered by the magniwork energy generator. The theory is just simple: you use a magnetic field which can be constructed by yourself, to generate free power for your house needs. It is an off grid procedure that can be used up to entirely support the energy requirements of your home or it can be used up as a backup thus you can save half of your monthly electricity bills.


• This system will give you a chance to make your own personalized generator that can generate a stable amount of electric power covering the entire house.

• You can even begin small, but you can invest as well a bit more so you can go wholly off grid. So, jump off the pricey power grid and save more money!

• Setting up a magniwork system generator needs a small space. It means that there will be no any sweeping possibility to your home’s spatial dimensions. What is more, you can absolutely save a great deal of money by means of implementing the system.

• There are no extra investments with magniwork power generator, only a one time investment on the one equipment that can supply all the energy you need to keep your home lighted and relaxing.

• Also, the main advantage of the system is it is not too picky by any means; notwithstanding the ambient temperature of the abrupt environment of your home. The magnetic power generator will still work at full strength.

• You can provide more energy without exceedingly large expenses for your home. All the materials that you will need to provide power for your home is available at any of your local hardware stores.

You will not have troubles just to find these materials. Yet, having such alternative home power—you do not need to be an engineer or rocket scientist to work out how to put things together by yourself. A step-by-step guide is provided to you, so all you need to do is get up and go and make a better change for your home and the environment.

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