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  • Author Alvin George
  • Published December 9, 2009
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Why Should I Grind My Floor?

At Colonial Floor Care, we are committed to all aspects of floor care- from the aesthetic to the practical. Many of our blog articles discuss the aesthetic value of our highly specialized grinding techniques.

Today, we will discuss some of the practical benefits of a properly ground terrazzo or concrete floor.

Great Northern Stone published an interesting and useful article that discusses the practical advantages of grinding your floor. It is entitled "Why Should I Grind My Floor?

The article discusses several useful points. They are:

  1. A flat floor gives dirt no where to hide -- The ridges and grout lines of an uneven floor allow dirt to hide and give bacteria a home to grow. Automatic scrubbers cannot clean uneven sections of floor perfectly allowing for dirty hard water build up in sections over time that is unsightly and unsanitary.

  2. A flat floor gives customers/guest no where to trip! Uneven tiles (known as lippage) make for an unstable foot placement that can cause severe tripping hazards.

  3. A flat floor does not damage equipment. When rolling wheels (from suitcases, carts, etc.) across uneven surfaces due to lippage , these wheels became damaged as they smash against the hard stone surfaces from tile to tile. This in turn contributes to the wear and scratching your valuable stone surface by the broken and damaged wheels.

  4. A flat floor does not chip and crack. Because there are no unsupported edges (from the lippage) pieces of stone cannot break off when stepped on or as wheels are slapped against them causing prematurely worn floors. The stone pieces that would commonly be left on the floor to be dragged and ground into the rest of the floor (causing scratches and wear) are just simply not there anymore- because it is flat.

At Colonial Floor Care, we take grinding very seriously. We have invested in the very best grinding equipment. Our three stage process culminates in a highly refined, diamond head grind that creates an extremely durable surface with a high gloss shine that are unique because of the quality of the equipment that we use and the highly qualified and well trained restoration technicians who are part of our team.

Give us a call at 954-566-4555 to schedule a free consultation and estimate, or visit our website at colonialfloorand stonecare.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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