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  • Published December 6, 2009
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Over recent years, UPVC doors have gained popularity, and there are some very good reasons. Not only are they safer, but they are also more economically and environmentally friendly, as well as more durable. They have proven that a door is not just a door. Everyone is trying to save money and conserve energy nowadays. It's nothing but good to have a door that saves money at every turn, in addition to being less expensive to begin with.

UPVC is by far the most durable type of door that is used in modern home construction. When they are designed, it is with durability and longevity as the goal. As they age, they look better than their competition. They will last at least as long as vinyl siding, which is very similar in makeup. Experts claim that these doors can last over 40 years with normal use.

Maintenance is a breeze with UPVC. A pressure washer is about all one needs to keep this state of the art type of door looking new. If wooden doors are not maintained with expensive chemicals, they will not stay looking good. Doors made from UPVC do not have such needs. They will neither corrode like metal nor rot like wood.

These doors are even safer than others. Did you know that the burn causing intense heat is not what normally kills in home fires? Our insides are far more fragile than our outsides. No, what kills people in house fires is smoke, or carbon monoxide inhalation. Wooden doors, just like anything else made of wood, readily burns, but UPVC does not, which means that if your home were to catch on fire, the situation would not be exacerbated by anything UPVC.

UPVC is also good for green homes, as they are environmentally friendly. In fact, there are many ways in which they help save the earth. UPVC is made up of something that is all over our planet. There is more of this particular substance than almost anything else on Earth. Salt makes up over half of UPVC. The impact of a UPVC door on non-renewable resources is less than half that of a more traditional door.

UPVC is economically friendly as well. Not only are they often less expensive than their wooden counterparts, but because they are far lighter, they are also less expensive to move. In fact, most UPVC doors begin life hollow. By the end of their manufacturing, they are filled with insulating material, which definitely has an impact the electric bill by minimizing heat exchange between the home and the outside air. Regardless of if it is holding warm air in or out, UPVC does it better. Even the seals, where the door meets the door frame, are more robust than can be fitted on a standard, less technologically advanced door. UPVC can also be recycled.

There really is no going wrong with UPVC. With all the advantages, it's no mystery why UPVC is the top choice of home builders and remodelers in many major countries.

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