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  • Published December 12, 2009
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Vertical blinds are the most well known for its perfect light solution. You can adjust vertical blinds according to the amount of light you want to allow in. Now the days of drapes and curtains are gone. People are more concern about there interior decor every body is keen on house improvement. If you want to give a sophisticated look to your home in this case vertical blind are the best option in vertical blind there is a slats which can be adjusted to control light to entering the room, and helps to prevent U.V ray to enter the room and damage expensive furnishings and carpets.

Best for living room

There sophisticated look and stylish design allow people to choose them for bedrooms, dark-colored slats block light and make your room cozy and quite.

For your bedroom you can go with vinyl this will provide you a warm look, this fabric came in many designs and many colors according to your mood and wall colors. And also serve a lovely part of decoration in your bedroom and best part is of its privacy which makes less visible to people outdoors

Varieties of vertical blinds

Generally vertical blinds are made up of metal or wood, but now a days a there are multiple materials are also used like aluminum, vinyl, paper, plastic, PVC and many more.

Aluminum vertical blinds are a now a days very much popular, they are small and lightweight and very much easy to install, design and its flexibility also makes easy them to clean. Its style of adjustment increases its worth also you can adjust the blinds by the cords by allowing them to move according to direction of light.

PVC Vertical blinds also known as plastic vertical blinds. They help to control lights. They come in different styles and attractive colors. You can select plastic according to your need thicker plastic for full sound proof.

Wooden Blinds are the best option of vertical blinds, there traditional look and ethnic designs attracts designers towards them ,best part of wood blinds are that they are rustproof and very much easy to wipe or clean they also provide good protection from heat and strong winds.

Paper blinds are available in many colors. They are very much cheap comparison to other blinds, but very much sensitive if once they are tear will not be repair like other blinds easily they can be use an additional with sheer or solid color curtains they gives a space to your room and made them spacious.

Blackout vertical blind works like roller blinds only difference is that they blocks complete sunlight hen they are install the material that is used is much thicker than the other fabrics


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