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  • Author Kevin Collinsworth
  • Published December 13, 2009
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If you are building a house and you want to know what your options are for floor tiles there are three different types. Many people just like to change their floors because their floors are old and damaged and some just want to have a kitchen makeover. Changing kitchen tiles shouldn't be difficult at all and you can do it all by yourself. The first step is to find out what your options are and explore them. The three types are the basic ceramic tile, quarry tile and stone.

Ceramic tiles can be very expensive but most types are very affordable. This is the most common type we see in ordinary homes that are built and sold. You are on a budget you should see what you can choose from in the ceramic category. It is made from clay and sand it is shaped and then put into a very hot kiln. Once it is out and cooled down it needs to be glazed. The best things about ceramic tiles are that they come in any shape and any colors and also very affordable.

Quarry Tiles used to be made completely natural. Now days factories make a pretty good imitation of it from clay. It is almost as strong as stone itself and has a rough and a very porous surface. This could look great with an Old War style. Quarry tiles look like you have a brick stone floor and can be a very beautiful feature. So if you want something that looks natural but can’t get the real stone then this might be the right one for you.

Stone is the last and most expensive choice you have to use for your kitchen floors. Granite stone is the best you can get as tiles for the kitchen floor. Many people also use granite for their kitchen counters. The downside about stone is that is also porous and can crack and scratch and they can also get damages from extreme heat. Marble and granite need continuous maintenance to preserve their condition. The fascinating thing about this tile is its natural texture and beauty.

These are basically the three different types of tiles you can easily find anywhere they sell these things. You should have no trouble installing any type of tiles because they all install the same way. If you need help you will find it online with step by step instruction or even a video.

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