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  • Author Allen Tannor
  • Published December 14, 2009
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Your first impression of a washroom is based on the fragrance or odour you encounter. Since even the cleanest washrooms are susceptible to foul odours, an effective high quality Aircare Dispensers is essential. Aircare Dispensers eliminate unpleasant odours, leaving the washroom with a clean, fresh fragrance. The Aircare Refills give a fresh, clean-cut aroma which makes your washroom experience a satisfying one!

The Aircare Refills are modern and offer style and impact options to match all preferences. The aircare cartridge refills are long lasting and is available in 3000 spray aerosol refills. A choice of 8 fragrances is available and can suit all locations, such as washrooms, reception areas, office blocks, schools, and anywhere in need of fragrance. The Aircare Refills are available from a very light to intense fragrance and are received in a pack of 8 aircare cartridge refills.

The fragrances are priced within anyone’s budget, the Aircare refills cost £28.50 for 8 cans. The aircare cartridge refills fragrance counteracts both washroom and tobacco malodour. The Aircare refills range is an integral part of the Aircare Dispensers system and has a dual action to neutralise the odour.

To re-iterate the Aircare refills cost is £28.50 – To purchase click here to be directed to Hygo Aircare Refills range. Other aircare refills brands we stock are Kimberly Clark Aircare Refills and Lotus Professional aircare cartridge refills.

The Kimberly Clark Aircare Refills cost £41.50 and are variety packed with 8 aircare refills and we also stock Kimberley Clark Melodie & Rhapsodie Aircare system refills, the Aircare Refills cost is £31.80 and 6 aircare refills in a pack. The Kimberly Clark Aircare Refills variety pack has two fragrance refills. The Kimberly Clark Aircare Dispensers is battery operated with fully programmable for 12 or 24 hrs and days per week to improve aircare cartridge refills life. The Kimberley Clark Cartridge to be set to last 30 60 or 90 days and the Kimberley Clarke Aircare dispenser automatically adjusts spray frequency.

The Lotus Professional Aircare refills use microtans technology 3000 sprays to keep washrooms fresh and fragrant. The Aircare refills are packed as 12 Lotus cans. Lotus Professional aircare refills cost £55.50 – Lotus Professional have 4 fragrances available Citrus, Floral, Herbal & Tropical. The Lotus Aircare refills cost effective and reliable and are ideal for a discrete pleasant fragrance. Lotus Professional aircare refill cost is £55.80 - Please click here to access the Aircare Refills section.

Hygo is one of the leading companies, suppliers of UV fly killer, Aircare Refills, Washroom, Hygiene, Cleaning & Gojo Products.

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