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  • Published October 20, 2009
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Consumers can choose from a variety of different models, depending on available space and likely uses of the kitchen sink area.

The kitchen sink is one of the centers of activity in any home; selecting the right one can be challenging. Kitchen sinks are available in a wide assortment of types, materials, and finishes to complement any décor. From luxurious copper sinks to basic stainless steel models, the choices are practically endless.

Single-bowl vs. Multi-bowl Sinks

Consumers can choose between a variety of different models, depending on available space and likely uses of the sink area.

• Where space is an issue, single-bowl sinks are usually most suitable. They take up less room and usually cost less than sinks featuring multiple bowls. Most single-bowl sinks come with a handy spray attachment for rinsing vegetables and fruits. Single-bowl models are often included in kitchen islands and bars as an added convenience.

• Double-bowl and triple-bowl sinks offer more ease of use, and are especially helpful for washing dishes and other items, since a rinsing bowl is readily available. Double-bowl models are generally considered the standard for most kitchens.

Basic Styles of Kitchen Sinks

Sinks are also classified according to how they are mounted to the countertop or cabinetry. The existing kitchen countertop often determines which type is suitable for installation.

• Bar sinks are usually small and offer a cold-water tap for rinsing and cleaning fruits and vegetables or adding water to mixed drinks. Some offer a sprayer for added utility.

• Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron-front sinks, are usually part of a custom kitchen cabinet installation. These stylish sinks include a front panel, adding an elegant effect to the entire area.

• Under-mount sinks are most often used with granite, marble and soapstone countertops. Their sleek lines and seamless fit ensure easy cleanups and provide a sleek outline for the sink area.

• Self-rimming sinks are the most popular and widely-used variety of kitchen sink. Since they are partially supported by the surrounding countertop and bolted securely into place, they offer excellent durability and easy installation.

Popular Sink Materials

Kitchen sinks are available in a number of different materials. Stainless steel is one of the most popular choices since it combines outstanding durability with a sleek, modern appearance. Enameled cast iron offers versatility and numerous color selections, but suffers from its substantial weight, which limits its suitability for many installations. Copper is generally more expensive than other sink choices; offering an upscale, custom look and antibacterial properties, it is a popular choice for kitchen upgrades.

Kitchen remodeling offers many opportunities for updating and enhancing your home. The right kitchen sink can provide years of trouble-free service while complementing the existing interior design and showcasing each home’s unique beauty.

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