Looking For Cheap Scrubs And Nursing Clogs That Aren’t Cheaply Made?

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  • Author Sahraa Christinaa
  • Published December 15, 2009
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Hey! Put down that uniform catalog! You didn’t spend all that money on college tuition, books, and labs to turn around and spend it on expensive scrubs and nursing clogs. Do not be fooled into thinking cheap scrubs are cheaply made and that nursing clogs have to cost a fortune.

That nurse at work whose scrub wardrobe is so envied? You wouldn’t believe what she really paid for those cheap scrubs and nursing clogs! And, everyone agrees, she looks fantastic and has a real spring in her step that make the patients and everyone around her feel as fantastic as she does!

Padding down the hallway in your nursing clogs with quiet confidence and looking as comfortable as you feel in your wrinkle-free cheap scrubs is the way you deserve to spend your work day, but don’t be fooled into thinking you have to open up a line of credit in order to do so. Put away that credit card! You won’t believe your eyes and this amazing selection of cheap scrubs and nursing clogs—not to mention the downright lowest prices that

will make you think you are hallucinating like one of your patients! You’ll be able to afford a pair of cheap scrubs and nursing clogs for every shift, and you’ll look anything but cheap! Trust us! Be noticed! You worked hard to get where you are. Your patients love to see you enter their rooms.

What makes quality cheap scrubs and nursing clogs that aren’t cheaply made? Consider the following:

  • Cheap scrubs have to be just as comfortable as the ones in that catalog you just put down. (Thank goodness we stopped you!)

  • Cheap scrubs have to be comfortable; you already know the long hours you are going to be working. Spend less and save all that money you’ll be making with overtime. (Spend it on something else besides work attire!)

  • Cheap scrubs can be just as cute as those cartoon scrubs in the catalog. They don’t look any better just because you paid more for them. It’s proven that brightly-colored cheerful designs cheer up the patients! And the patients do not care what you paid for your cheap scrubs! They just want to see your smiling face!

  • Nursing clogs are not the clogs you wore in high school. (You wouldn’t last a day!). You would wish they were, though. Amazingly comfortable and in a myriad of designs, nursing clogs come in every color of the rainbow and they keep you comfy all day as you tend to your patients and your duties.

  • Nursing clogs allow you to display your whimsical personality or your serious side, depending on your day!

Wear solid-colored cheap scrubs with fancy tie-dyed nursing clogs, or put on your cutest Tasmanian Devil cheap scrubs with your solid white nursing clogs.

Be comfortable; radiate confidence and do the job you do so well, without wondering how much you have to pay to go to work every day to look the part!

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