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  • Published December 14, 2009
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Countless materials and colors of sinks are available. Each one has its own functionality and use.

There are hardy and good-looking plastic sinks that are made from a material that is used to make solid surface counters. Since they can be molded any way the designer wants with no joints involved in fashioning them, they do not become a haven for dirt and germs. In the event that it does get damaged by hot objects, that area can be smoothed over by sandpaper, making it look as good as new.

Expensive plastic sinks are a great favorite with many even though they can be easily damaged by placing very hot objects in them. The two most popular kinds are the ones which can be inserted into the countertop and those that are fixed from underneath, otherwise referred to as the undermount sink.

Wood sinks have come down through the ages. They were originally made from teakwood that was not polished. Today teak is preferred, as it possesses a natural waterproofing quality. This is one reason why the marine industry has been using it for centuries. As an added bonus, teak also has natural antiseptic properties.

Sinks made from soapstone were at one time a common feature, but today these high-end items can only be found in establishments that use various chemicals which can be disastrous when poured into a normal conventional sink. Their durability in such cases makes it a logical choice, rather than having to replace sinks with stains and corrosion.

Other heavy-duty sinks are made out of concrete and terrazzo. These can withstand many types of liquids and varying temperatures without losing functionality. Although concrete is not an attractive material, often considered just plain ugly, these models are usually installed in important places most people never look, such as a janitorial kitchen. Durable stone sinks made out of marble, granite, onyx and travertine are more appealing to view up close.

Today’s homeowners are completely enthralled with handmade glass sinks, and they have become a fashion statement in home decor. New designs and concepts keep cropping up every day. No shape is too difficult to make and no color is too impossible to achieve.

The love affair with sinks will likely continue for several years to come, and one may come across another list of materials to add to this already long list of options. There are so many useful materials being discovered and being created by science, who knows what the future holds? One can dream of sinks made of amethyst, lava rocks or handmade with polymer clay developed for home use. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the advancement and modernization of home decor. With all of the additions of future technology, however, there will more than likely still be a place for old reliable materials like plastic, aluminum and ceramics.

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