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  • Author Larry Gordon
  • Published December 16, 2009
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Today many people want to live in an energy efficient home. The benefits of a truly energy efficient home are enormous. You reduce your cost of living and lessen your negative impact on the environment. You are embracing a sustainable life style and those who know you will admire you for that.

However to live in an energy efficient home requires an integrated approach towards making your home energy efficient. Quite often people make isolated attempts at improving the efficiency of their house by improving an individual part or "system" such as the furnace heating system, insulation or air conditioning. However these efforts are piecemeal and will not bring about truly high levels of efficiency, nor will they necessary improve the comfort and health of your home.

The various systems of the house are interconnected and with an integrated approach this interdependence is revealed. Therefore a great starting point is a home energy audit that will study and record how energy is being utilized in your home. This study will reveal where the biggest savings can be made. A home energy audit needs to be done by a professional as it will require expertise in more than one area. This is because the home energy audit addresses all the sub systems in the home and also investigates health, comfort and safety issues.

Once you have got the information based on the home energy audit you can plan and implement changes to the systems to make your home energy efficient. If you work with a professional organization they will be able to modify the various systems because their expertise covers all the related systems. You get a turnkey solution and there is no risk that the systems are considered only in isolation. Also if you hire different professionals for the individual systems you will create a lot of work for yourself in coordinating the efforts of the various professionals.

With an integrated approach you will enjoy a smoother experience and larger benefits. You will not only have an energy efficient home you will also have information on how much energy your home needs and why. That way you will be able to consider life style changes to further reduce the impact of your life style on the environment. You can learn more at

Larry Gordon has over 15 years experience in the home energy industry. His experience includes residential HVAC & home performance systems. In the past, Mr. Gordon has focused on providing turn-key solutions for creating energy efficient homes. He is a strong advocate of providing a home energy audit then undertaking projects that minimize the energy usage, while maintaining comfort levels. You can learn more at

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