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  • Author Edmund Brunetti
  • Published December 27, 2009
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In these days of SEO boom, by far the most popular and looked-for method of website promotion is that of article distribution. It is considered to drive the most traffic to your page and help your website being ranked higher by the search engines, where Google is the most representative.

Among all SEO off-page tools, article submission requires the most that the job should be done only by professionals, because it has some two distinctive components. First one is the article writing process, that must be made respecting the "SEO path": choosing the right title, concentrating most on the relevant keywords desired, inserting them in the right parts of the article, respecting the keyword density and so on. The second part, and the one treated by this article, is the article distribution process.

You may ask why this is so important. In the end, you can find all over the internet article directories lists with all kind of "best", "the best", "by far the best" marks in their title, make an anonymous registration user, start submitting "all the way down" the list and expecting a daily traffic containing as many users as soldiers in the D-Day, simple as that. Well, dream on! Article submission is too important to be made using these rudimentary ideas. Choosing the right article directory submission list, both with a good SEO article, makes all the effort. As you might know, Google concentrates highly on eliminating duplicate content. Duplicate content means first of all the violation of copyright laws, which is basically stealing, or flooding the web with content that’s already there, and this is spamming. So what Google does for preventing this, is ignoring the duplicate content placed on low ranked pages in the best case, and it goes till banning websites that are involved in this dark process, and we all know this means "the end of the road" for that website.

In the article directories area, by proceeding with cautious and professionalism you can do things right and avoid spamming. The first step is to submit articles only on high quality directories. You can simply avoid taking as good every directory list found on the web and start doing your own. An article directory can be judged by many criteria that establishes it’s quality. First of all is Google Pagerank score it has. Second, is Alexa ranking that is quite accurate and analytic for a page. Then, you may search using a Google search tool information about the number of pages the directory has indexed by the search engines, the number of backlinks it has, the number of sites where it is mentioned without having a back link, the number of articles it has in it’s database which tells you if the site is well populated by authors and publishers. Make a list of let’s say two dozen high quality web directories and submit your article on. By submitting on 150 article directories you will find out that only the article placed on high ranked pages is indexed and the rest of it mean a waste of time or money.

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