How To Choose An Audio Company To Design And Install Your Home Theatre Room Or Theater System

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  • Published April 10, 2007
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If you are thinking about adding a home theater room or home theatre system to your home...

Then this may be the most important article you have read in a while.

For you see...Not all home theater companies & iaudio / video installers are created equal. In fact, if you are looking to invest serious money into designing a theater room...Don't you owe it to yourself to find out what is important to look for?

Here Are a Few Questions To Ask A Home Theater Company When Speaking To Them On The Phone

First of all, take the time to interview several home theater designers & installers before choosing one to work with. As you talk with them, be sure to listen carefully & take notes as they answer. Remember its either find out now...or suffer the consequences of finding out later.

  1. Now this is important: Do they have an "unrestricted" state license to do low voltage work...or are they wiring & installing home theatre rooms without the proper state license?. (You would be suprised how many electricians & security alarm installers say they are certified. Remember an unrestricted electrical license does not authorize the installation of low voltage wiring. It is not the same as an unrestricted low voltage license. The same goes for a burglar alarm license...this is a "restricted" low voltage license limiting them to burglar alarms only!) Do not not to settle for anything less than state licensed for "unrestricted" low voltage work.

2)Lets talk abou insurance. What kind of insurance do they carry? What happens if they drop your $5,000 Sony plasma Television? ) Are they insured with general liability insurance for all of their well as workmans comp? (Many companies use subcontractors that may or may not be licensed) Ask to seea current proof of insurance during the interview process! Many companies give low prices to win your business, now you know how they can do that! Is the risk worth saving a few dollars to you?

  1. Do they offer you a list of references to check? Or do you have to ask again and again? Don't settle for phone refernces either. Friends and family can pose as phoney refernces. You would be suprised how many customers are proud to show you their new theater rooms, all you have to do is just ask!

  2. Do they have a website for you to check out their company, look at testimonials , samples of the work they do and a place to educate yourself about home theater?

  3. What about financing? Is special financing available, like 6 months same as cash for example? Or do they want all of the money upfront?

  4. Will they install some of your equipment that you have purchased on your own? Or do they only equipment they supply?

  5. Are you a "Do it Yourself" kind of person? Will they work with you on partial jobs like prewiring your theater room only? Or just hanging your plasma and setting up your personal surround sound system?

  6. Will they do small jobs? For example will they offer to hang an LCD over the fireplace or optimize your existing 7.1 surround sound system?

  7. Will they offer you a FREE onsite home theater consultation...or will they CHARGE you for the privilege to show them what they can do for you? Don't be suprised if they charge a $100.00 or more for giving them the opportunity to earn your business.

  8. Do they have a home theatre showroom that you can come and play with all of the latest home theater equipment yourself? Can you bring your favorite action movies to hear your favorite sound effects on the different surround sound systems they have on site? Can you bring your favorite CD's and listen to the songs & compare them with several speaker packages so you can hear the difference?

  9. While you are there do you feel comfortable talking to the consultants or do you feel sales pressure to spend more than you have in mind? Was your presentation informative and helpful , or was it a thinly veiled sales pitch?

  10. Beware of sleazy sales tactics. Are they willing to work within your budget...or are they pushing you to spend more than you feel comfortable with?

One way to find out is while checking their references. Don't be afraid tio ask about the sales process, and sales pressure. If they didn't like it they will be sure to tell you!

Does it take time to do get answers to these questions upfront?

Most certainly, yes.

But in the end you will agree it was time worth spent

Frank Cheshire is a Home Theater Consultant In Atlanta Georgia. For more information on How To Choose a Home Theater Company to work with go to: For FREE Reports on how to avoid the top 10 Home Theater Design Mistakes people make go to

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