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  • Author Dean Caporella
  • Published April 12, 2007
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You're about to join the revolution... it's time to install a home theater and all you can think about is what type of television you should buy, plasma or LCD? Wait, before you even think about equipment think about home theater installation, more precisely, think about the planning stage!

A badly planned audio and video area will become more of a frustration than anything else and besides, this is going to be the showpiece of your home; the place where you can impress and put a touch of jealousy into the hearts of your friends.

Planning The Home Theater Installation Stage

There are some things to consider before you go ahead and purchase your equipment. Have you planned where your home theater set up is going to be or exactly how you want everything laid out. Believe me, do this now and you won't regret it. Here's a few tips in the planning stage:

  • Can you draw a map? You'll need a rough draft of your home theater down on paper. Look at your room and picture in your mind where everything is going to sit.

  • Your map should not just include the equipment placement but also doors and windows. Important to determine if their are going to be obstruction issues.

  • Will you be putting in a projection unit? How much sunlight comes into the room? If it's a lot then window coverings become an issue.

  • How many power outlets do you have in the room?

  • Is wiring going to be an issue? Give this serious thought. You want your wiring out of the way. It should be neatly planned to run along the wall boundaries and not across the room.

More Planning

A Home theater with all the "bells and whistles" is going to use up more power than your average room in the house. Will your power supply be able to handle the load? Ask a professional for advice but most homes will be able to handle the extra power. Power you have enough? Again, very important to make sure you have more than you need. Believe me, you'll need them at some stage.

Circuit boards and safety breakers are also necessary. Power boards with safety breakers in case of power surge and overload are desirable, particularly during thunderstorms.

The Home Theater Plan

Home theater has undergone some sort of revolution in recent years, so much so, it's almost hard to live without it. Yes it can be costly and every person's situation is different but if you "take the plunge" then consider planning it right. Use a professional home theater installation designer if you have the budget; they are becoming more common and are not as expensive as you may think but remember, it's not a race, it's a work in progress!

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