The Mysterious Apatite

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  • Author Vincenzo Carlos Platania
  • Published February 19, 2010
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We are very lucky that the Earth that we live in is so rich with minerals that we don’t even know half of them by heart, and what we learned in science class was only an introduction to what we can get from these minerals. However, we do know that from a combination of these minerals is what makes up most of the gemstones we see today. There are so many gemstones that have been uncovered in the history of the world and most of them we are very familiar with; however there are some that we see everyday and we don’t even know what they are, or to us they are a different stone altogether. The Apatite is an example of this type gemstone.

With the number of pieces of jewelry that we own, those that we have admired in store windows or claim to have medicinal factors the Apatite is the one that stands out the most. It could be because of the beautiful colors that it comes in, such as brilliant blues, greens and even purples. Not many people know what an Apatite gemstone is because it is known as a mineral rather than a stone, but if you have seen it once it will be easier for you to identify it a second time around. This type of gemstone is not as in demand as a sapphire or as hard as a diamond, but it just may as well be up to par. When making it into a piece, it is recommended to keep its settings to either as a necklace or a bracelet, because it is very malleable and if you are have it made into a ring to make sure the setting or metals used around it will give it enough protection so it will not damaged. Some people claim that since it comes from a mineral that is used for many things of function to us, it is also believed to have medicinal properties such as if you wear a necklace made of the stone it will be able to heal certain aches and pains you may be feeling within your body. You may be an advocate of such things or you may be a skeptic. Either way, since this stone is found in a number of places all over the world; in 5 of the 7 continents to be exact it would be a great investment to own such a beautiful stone.

With the world having so much to offer, one thing we can do to give back is to admire the beauty of what it creates and usually this beauty is found and admired in the jewels and gems that we come across. We may own some of these gorgeous pieces or we may only dream of having those we can call our own, but one’s collection is never complete if we do not have an Apatite in it. The radiance of its colors and clarity of the gem itself is just exquisite.

A beautiful stone with so much to offer is starting to make a statement in the world of gems. With its amazing colors and it easy availability makes the Apatite a jewel to invest in.

Author, Vincenzo Carlos Platania specializes in writing and marketing handmade silver jewellery, meticulously crafted with sterling silver, semi precious and precious gemstones. handmade silver jewellery Included is a unique apatite line of custom wire wrapped jewelry.

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