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  • Author Jeff Peterson
  • Published March 3, 2010
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Fashion junkie

With the lapsing time people are becoming more and more fashion junkie. Fashion usually is a flair and custom prevailing at a given time however it explains "popular style" in every areas. Fashion is pondered in every field for example clothing, hair, shoes, accessories and many more. Fashion is the one thing which is in for years and don’t know since when it was originated. There are people identified as fashion junkee who simply pays a huge amount of money just to purchase a pair of trendy shoes or clothing.

The name fashion junkie recommends that natural fashion personality lives to relish purity in fashion. Usually these people have their wardrobe full with all the stylish jeans, accessories and all. Style junkee is all about the fashion qualities requires comfort and making the fashion statements. Also fashion accessories like necklaces, earrings, jewellery, bracelets and many more are comprised in this. A fashion junkee is not the one who stocks abreast of the latest fashion trends and will rarely hunt for designer fashion.

The word "fashion" is commonly used in a positive sense for allure, style, beauty and a sort of communal art through which a culture scrutinizes its thinking of beauty and kindness. Also sometimes it is use negatively for materialism and fashions and trends. Fashion junkies can be in various areas such as Media- an crucial part of fashion is fashion journalism as it is only thing through which we know and learn the modern fashion. Also Clothing, Entertainments, Architecture and land space design which also require some sense of fashion in it, technology-such as computer programming, Dance and music and many more.

The global nature of fashion business requires constant communication to let the world know its meaning. Also these fashion junkies play a important role in it; that are passionate and addicted to the fashion so much that they don’t care for the money they spend for it.

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