How to Beat Recession to Buy Best Engagement Ring

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  • Published February 20, 2010
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So you found your perfect girl? Now you must be in a hurry to find the best engagement ring for your sweetheart. Before you dash off to the nearest jewellery store with your checkbook in your pocket, there are certain points you should keep in mind which would not only save you from going bankrupt but also help you select an engagement ring which your girl will cherish all her life.

Buying an engagement ring is not akin to buying an ordinary present. It’s not only a big investment but also something which sets the tone of your married life. Time spent on deliberating and visiting at this point would save you much heartache later.

It’s very important to fix up the budget and decide what amount you want to spend on the engagement ring. Once that’s decided, having a ring custom made to indulge the fancy of your sweetheart at is an easy job.

Just remember that your girl will be wearing the engagement ring everyday and showing it off to her relatives and friends. It should not only be elegant but also be convenient for daily wear. At the same time it should match her style and majority of her wardrobe. If she prefers white metal and has most of her jewellery in it, go for white gold engagement ring. Just keep in mind that for a girl, engagement ring has a lot many sentiments attached to it.

Try to have at least some idea about the style of ring you are looking for. Would she like to have antique diamond ring, or a white gold engagement ring? There is no use browsing through more contemporary twin shade engagement rings if vintage diamond ring is what she prefers. Diamond in antique ring setting makes for a very exceptional ring that would make her heart skip a beat.

Don’t let anyone persuade you to buy an engagement ring of a particular style just because it is in vogue. Your girl is one in million and that’s the kind of ring she deserves… unique. Honor her desire to be different and buy her what she wants whether its single diamond in antique ring settings or three diamonds engagement ring.

Last but not the least, always buy from a trusted jeweler who is both affordable and provides good quality diamonds. Visit to find the best and most affordable engagement rings.

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