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  • Published February 25, 2010
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Wearing a coat not only protects you from the torments of the weather, but also carries your personal style and personality. In additional to being effective, the coat or jacket that you wear should also be able to display your character and present a favourable image to everyone around you. And when a women looks for a coat, the first thing that she should remember is the womens North Face coat, from the reputable brand itself. We have a wide range of womens North Face coat and jacket compilation within our site, and all you have to do is browse through it to find the best one that fits your needs and preferences.

The North Face hooded jackets come in a variety of types, sizes and colours to suit the needs of every customer that needs one. For instance, the women's Gotham Jacket is a technically-advanced, comfortable coat that has a contemporary look to it to differentiate it from other coats and jackets. Regardless of what activity you are performing, this jacket would maintain the warmth around your body to keep you as comfortable as possible, thus it is ideal for chilly winter nights. The women's Apex Paradigm jacket is another exceptional product that is sure to blow you away. Using advanced insulation technologies, this standard fit jacket is perfect for winter wear, or you could also use it while you hike up a mountain. Its wind- and water-resistant outer layer provides excellent shielding properties, and it also comes with a fully adjustable hood that assists in the comfort segment.

Scouting around for a belted cost instead that would leave you looking extremely feminine and stylish beneath your coat? Look no further than the North Face belted coat collection. With choices such as the excellent Caroline Coat, you could not go wrong. This down coat comes with an adjustable belt to cinch at your waist, providing it with the ultimate feminine feature in a coat. Extremely warm and a pleasure to wear, this coat is made fully of polyester that gives it excellent insulation properties, while it does not compromise on durability. If that does not suit your taste, why not look at the Menlo Down Parka, which offers you all the warmth that you need through thick goose down. Exceptionally elegant with its perfectly placed belt, this coat would make you the envy of other women, wherever you go.

Looking for a jacket that works well against the weather, yet is light enough not to burden you during strenuous and outdoor activities? Try the North Face lightweight jacket compilation, you would definitely come across something that wins your heart. Designed specifically for extreme sports enthusiasts, the Crimptastic Hybrid Jacket weighs only 12 ounces, and the price tag is almost as light, offering you with a deal you cannot say no to. Nevertheless do not for once think that the features are lightweight, it showcases brilliant insulations characteristics as well as breathable stretch panels to allow perspiration to evaporate out of the jacket when required. The Nuptse Down Jacket is another brilliant choice, a fact proven by it being one of the world's best selling winter jackets. Skiers, snowboarder, mountain climbers, hikers, you name it. All of them fully appreciate its durability, lightweight-features and most-important of all, the comfort and warmth that this jacket provides to the wearer. Snow, moisture, chilly winds, bring them all on!

For puffy jacket enthusiasts out there, worry not. We have the North Face puffy jacket collection for you to browse through and make your selection. Puffy jackets give out the impression of being extremely warm and comforting due to their looks alone, and they do not disappoint when it comes to performance. Features such as invisible zips and satin shells on the outside make these coats favourites among the fairer sex, and who can blame them? With examples such as the Antoinette Jacket and the Aconcagua Jacket that feel luxurious in addition to being warm and cosy, women tend to fall in love with these jackets easily. They also come in beautiful shades of pink, bittersweet brown, white and orchid purple, colours that make women smile in anticipation.

Last but not least, for those in the market for winter parkas, you would do well to browse through the North Face winter parka assortment. The Metropolis Parka is an excellent instance, providing superior knee-length jackets for the comfort and warmth of the wearer. The comfort of this jacket is evident through the brushed collar, as well as the strategically-placed zippers that protect the most sensitive of areas where cold wind or moisture can penetrate normally. You could not go wrong with this jacket, neither could you go wrong with the Mountain Light Parka, designed specifically with athletes in mind. As the name suggests, this lightweight parka would serve the most extreme of athletes, and possesses a two-layer construction of insulation materials for the best comfort features as well as the ability to resist water and harsh weather. Attractive colours such as orchid purple, vine green and moonlight ivory merely prove to be the icing on the cake.

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