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  • Published February 27, 2010
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  • Tuxedo for short stature and thin: Double breast is not kind of style for those who are thin and short stature . A single breast button down jacket is best choice for their personalities. Don it with pleated pants. And don't forget that jacket with more than three buttons can spoil the whole look.

  • Tuxedo for slim and tall: If you are slim and tall, then you have all options available with you with Tuxedo. You can wear almost anything of your choice but for those who are too thin then double breast jacket with big pads on shoulders is indeed a good option, that will give your shoulders a broader look. Make a choice for pleated shirt because it will enhance your personality.

  • Tuxedo for those having broad shoulder: Avoid double breast style jacket if you have broad shoulders then, as it will draw attention to the broadness of your shoulders. Tall and fleshy men should attire vest Rather than going in for cummerbund as cummerbund will highlight your waist. On the contrary vest hides your physical flaws.

  • Tuxedo for Short & broad men: Single breast jacket is preferable for Short & broad men to draw the attention away from their large waistline, with padded shoulder jacket. You will look handsome in one or two button tuxedo jacket.

  • Tuxedo for fashion conscious man: If you are very fashion conscious and wish you to maintain a unique fashion statement, the best idea for you is to hunt for a classic rented tuxedo. That will enable you to maintain your style without paying a big price for it. But before taking a tuxedo decide on the formality of the event. See to it if there is a dress code for it.Be clear as to whether it's a daytime occasion or a night function while deciding on the color of your tuxedo.

  • You should ensure what your partner is wearing because in such parties, the color of your wardrobe should go well with your partner's dress particularly during a couple entry occasion.

  • The main thing is, do not to forget, that the final thing that makes a difference is fit. Whatever you pick up to wear, whether its ready made or tailored, it should be comfortable to wear. Ensure that it fits properly on the neck and shoulders.

Shirt sleeve should be one and a half inch low from the jacket sleeve. So next time you go shopping for tuxedo suit, keep in mind what style would be perfect for you with the help of above mention tuxedo suit buying guide and we are sure you will be the center of attraction everywhere and everybody. So, we wish you come up with flying colors at all occasions whether it's a interview, meeting, presentation, convocation ceremony or your own special day of wedding bells.

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