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  • Published February 25, 2010
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Busy women need a purse that works for them. Fashionable women on the go want a purse that works for them – and one that makes a fashion statement. These women want a top quality handbag which does both.

Transfer bags are standalone purse inserts that come in three sizes to fit the majority of today’s purse styles. Available in a variety of styles and colors, there’s a transfer bag to match every woman’s needs. All transfer bags come with a detachable strap so you can use the insert as the primary bag, but they also are designed to be the pocket inside another purse. When you need to switch purses, you pick up the transfer bag and put it in the bag that you’re carrying that day.

The beaded "Ritz" bags are exquisite works of art. You can find imitations of these bags, but they won’t have the sparkle of a bag done entirely in Swarovski crystals. Each of the 31 models uses silver, black, gunmetal or gold-toned hardware. They have a push-lock closure, topped with a single, larger Swarovski crystal. The bags are lined in soft metallic leather that coordinates with the exterior color. The purse can be carried as a clutch, or over the shoulder using the 40-inch chain strap done in gold or silver. When you want to carry a clutch, just tuck the chain in the bag. When you’re not using your "Ritz" bag, store it in the drawstring pouch and place the pouch inside a sturdy silver box – both of which come with the purse.

"Ritz" bags come in contemporary patterns, animal prints and solid colors.

The contemporary purses are a little edgier than most traditional evening bags. The Abigail bag, priced at $700, is black with all-crystal white skull and crossbones on the front. The Annie bag – perhaps inspired by gun-toting Annie Oakley – is black with a white pistol on the front, priced at $800. The Dottie bag is a delightful heart-shaped bag for $620, done entirely in silver, pink and orange Swarovski crystals.

If you like color – lots of it – consider the Viola bag or the Jacqueline bag. The Viola bag, priced at $750, is a rounded hexagon shape. The Jacqueline bag, $650, is a basic rectangle. But the colors in these bags are anything but basic. Both bags use all the colors of the rainbow, arranged in an intricate pattern of circles and diamonds.

The Sabrina bag is the perfect accessory for those wanting to show off a wild side – albeit a tasteful, wild side. The $750 bag was inspired by the tiger, but done in more muted colors than those used in many tiger prints. The gold and topaz Swarovski crystals combine for an elegant big cat bag. Its cousin, the Kerry bag, features another cat print that is about as rare as the creature itself. The inspiration for the Kerry bag is the snow leopard, a beautiful, rare cat. The $550 bag features pewter and jet-black Swarovski crystals.

Likewise, the solid-color bags are encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Their interest comes in their colors and clean lines. The $700 candy bag has simple lines, but is covered in smoky topaz crystals that sparkle brightly in shades of ambler and gold. The Liz bag, priced at $670, is done in silver Swarovski crystals in a square shape, 5 inches high by 5 inches deep.

The "Posh" bags are an equally lovely line of evening bags. Made of Austrian crystals – instead of Swarovski crystals – they are more affordable, at $100 to $150 a bag, compared to the "Ritz" line.

The Serina bag is an envelope-style clutch done in gunmetal-colored crystals with a fleur de lis covering the front snap. The Arielle bag has the same lines and pattern, but is done in bronze-colored crystals. Each is $100.

The Shido bag, priced at $150, is made of black satin with an Austrian crystal pendant at the front closure. The exterior says elegance, but the inside is all about organization. Inside are elastic pockets that keep everything in its place for a night on the town. The Nicole bag is likewise organized. Made of a black satin exterior, it has a similar fold over top and magnetic snap enclosure covered by an Austrian crystal sun pendant. It also has elastic pockets inside to keep you fashionable and organized.

The lines of the $150 Kate bag let it stand out from the other "Posh" bags. This quilted black satin bag, embellished with Swarovski crystals at the quilt points, has a leather tassel that dangles from the zipper pull and gives it a unique look.

No matter what style you select, these bags prove that elegant bags can blend form, function and fashion.

Annamarya Scaccia is a freelance writer who writes about fashion, apparel and handbag organizers

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