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  • Published February 25, 2010
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If you are planning to buy plain ties, look for the quality instead of style. Even if it is costing you a little bit extra, prefer plain ties that are made from good material. These ties give a simple look and you can wear them readily for any occasions. The market is full of such ties with various colours that may interest you. Also, you have the unique opportunity of selecting from ties of different sizes and shapes. Here are some factors to consider while you are buying a tie that is plain.


The cost of any article matters and it matters more for plain ties still. But, if you are getting a good looking plain tie made up of quality material, you need to overlook the cost factor. As this is not enough, there are cheap brands that try to make quick money by making cheap quality ties and sell for a fortune. You will end up paying huge amount and also not getting any quality. Hence, before you buy a plain tie, check the quality of the tie and check for reviews from various online stores apart from its features.


The size of your plain ties should be moderate. It all depends upon your personality. If you are skinny, plain ties that are thin and long will get along well with you. The general norm that is followed by any reputed brand is that the size of tie is not below the waist. However, it should be long enough to provide that formal look even after you have knotted it. Before you buy a plain tie, go for a trial and check that whether it matches according to your personality.


The colour of your plain tie should be in such a way that it matches your dress. Choosing a black tie has got the advantage that no other colour tie can give. The advantage is that you can wear it on any kind of dress you are wearing. Irrespective of the colour you choose, the ultimate concern is that the tie you are wearing should look and must provide an elegant look.


You need to take good care of your plain ties. Being plain, they reflect slightest of the dust that gets accumulated. Especially, if it is a dark coloured tie, the matter gets worse still. Also, take care that your tie is wrinkle free. So, before wearing a plain tie, make sure that it is properly ironed.

Before buying a plain tie, consider all features such as shape, size and colour from the variety of plain ties available at the DQT store.

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