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  • Published March 5, 2010
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Christmas is around the corner. Leaning against a warm fire and sipping a cup of rich and smooth hot chocolate must be the best choice to have warm and romantic feeling. 2009 GODIVA Christmas chocolate gift-box series blend the favorite to win the taste and style and to bring us the most luxurious delicious temptation.

New GODIVA seasonal thematic series includes three delicious indulgences, which put the four most respected symbols of Christmas, say, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, snowman and Christmas cabin, into the modern design.

GODIVA will launch special unique limited chocolate for the Christmas quarter. The snowflake shape of the chocolate filled with Christmas atmosphere is very lovable.

To celebrate Christmas, GODIVA created chocolate-chip installed in the intaglio printed with tree patterns as decoration. This festive Christmas gift in hardcover brings joy taste experience.

GODIVA wooden truffle trees are convenience to bring. It can be assembled into a luxury 25.9 centimeters tall Christmas tree when folded. The attractive GODIVA Christmas truffles chocolate instantly turns to be Christmas tree decorations. It is undoubtedly a good choice of the desserts. All of them are wrapped in festive costumes.

If the legendary golden gift box is the classic love in the heart, then why it should be added a ray of Christmas atmosphere? The traditional gift box filled with the GODIVA’s most iconic extravagant chocolate, with hand-decorated light flashing silver leaf and gold leaf in the exterior. The hard red yarn and ribbon are perfectly intertwined with all kinds of colors. The golden gift boxes are in a variety of sizes and price options, which are suitable for individual requirements.

The deep red color and fragrance choice of suede material has won rave reviews and cheers during the Christmas season. Gift boxes are decorated with dazzling Swarovski crystals. Regardless of as a gift to superiors or friends, they are perfect gifts. It contains 60 crystals of traditional and new GODIVA. At this very moment, send the most perfect chocolate gift box or share it with your loved ones of family and friends to share this most sumptuous moment of life.

By no means, a perfect gift is to your fingertips. GODIVA Christmas hamper attracted to give many kinds of sweet gifts.

This is the most exquisite chocolate experience. Try the ultimate GODIVA perfect extravagance gift box and you can bring the enjoyment of perfect taste of an unforgettable trip.

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