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  • Author John Smithe
  • Published March 13, 2010
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Men are getting into clothes more and more in recent times and most men now take a lot of pride in their appearance and the clothes they’re wearing. Traditionally it’s always been women who have been known as the sex to be into clothes and shopping and be more bothered about what they wear and shopping had always been looked at as a womens favourite hobby. Nowadays many men enjoy a day in town shopping buying jackets, jumpers, polo shirts, jeans, shirts and other clothing from their favourite and designers.

Another reason for men to be more into clothes and buying them now is down to the internet. You don’t even have to leave the house now to buy clothes you can just go online and buy whatever you need in the comfort of your own home, whether you fancy a jacket, pair of shoes or trainers, a shirt, a jumper you can get it all online. This is obviously a lot easier and less time consuming than having to go to town. This will suit many men as it will leave them more time free to go to the football or the pub which is what i’m sure most men enjoy doing and they can wear their new clothes to go in.

With the popularity of men shopping growing the choice of brands and clothing has grown with it in the supply and demand chain. With so much to chose from it’s a case of where do you start???? One brand that many men are currently buying is Luke 1977.

The Luke 1977 Collection comprises of jackets, jumpers, polo shirts, jeans, t shirts, cardigans and various other items of clothing. Most designs are simple and classic so look good on any occasion whether it be a smart or casual and many men old and young are now seen in the pub, at the match, in town or wherever else they might hang out wearing Luke 1977 clothing.

The Luke 1977 brand is still a relatively new brand as it was only started in 2001 by midlands lad Luke Roper but in this short time it has already become one of the most popular and recognised mens clothing brands around.

When buying clothes it’s important for men to get the right fit as many men will often buy something that is too big or too small or that’s just not the right cut for his body shape. There’s nothing worse than a small skinny lad in a big baggy jumper or chubby lad in a figure hugging tight t shirt. The best thing to do to get that perfect fit is to ask a female their opinion on the item as we all know that’s who you’ll be out to impress when you’re wearing the clothes. If you’re buying from a shop make sure you try on before you buy it but if you’re buying online and you don’t think the fits for you when you get it, simply return it in the post and exchange it for the right size!!!!!!!

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